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Opinion | Nov 27, 2018

Emmanuel Kotin Goofed On Bimbilla Issue

Salifu Adam Yumza
Emmanuel Kotin
Emmanuel Kotin

I am not an expert in security matters but I am a citizen of Ghana and proud son of Nanung. I have a right and responsibility to draw Kotin’s attention to major flaws in his ‘expert’ response to issues in Bimbilla on TV3 Network. I was not fortunate to listen to Kotin life but the excepts I watched fell short of commentary from an expert.

What are the issues? We must first of all respect the right of every Ghanaian to association and free movement. Which portion of our constitution bares a citizen from celebrating a festival? Damba is a religious festival and every Muslim who wish to observe it is free under the laws of Ghana. Are the family members and supporters of the late Naa Salifu not Ghanaians?

Let’s not travel far. Our next-door neighbor and senior by tradition (Dagbon) also observe Damba Festival. Both Kampapuya Naa and Bolin Naa observe Damba Festival in Yendi. Lamashe Naa and other chiefs also observe Damba in Tamale every year. Are these people too not citizens under the same constitution? Why Bimbilla?

According to Kotin the regent of the late Andani Dassana asked his people not to attack the family of the late Naa Salifu. Really? This is good news for Nanung if indeed Yakubu said this. I can see that Kotin has no idea as to how Bimbilla is. Why did the MCE withdraw security from the palace of the late Naa Salifu? Clearly, it was a move to strengthen security at Yakubu’s house such that when they misbehave the security will protect them.

We have never initiate any violent attack in Bimbilla but let Yakubu and his people attack. If it’s a crime for citizens to express their right let them attack. Kotin and many other people who have the privilege to comment on complex issues must be guided by facts grounded on research.

‘Experts’ like Kotin always rush to refer to Supreme Court Ruling on the Bimbilla Chieftaincy impasse but they should also have patience to research on how one can become Bimbilla Naa. This is the crux of the matter. How fair will it be if Kotin’s father should spend all his entire life moving from one skin to another only to be robbed of the ultimate by some people simply because he had no influence within the powers that be.

Our position on the Supreme Court ruling is clear. We disagree with it but we remain law abiding citizens. We have a duty to maintain the sanctity of the custom and tradition of Nanung. We can’t and will not renege on this. We are by this serving notice that no political appointee including the MCE should think of using state security to impose minority rule on the majority in Bimbilla.

We are very much aware of the conscious effort by some people trying so hard under the cover of experts’ analyses to tag us as bad people. We still have faith in the law and no right-thinking Ghanaian should think of arresting the regent or any member of the late Naa Salifu family. The battle is the Lord.

Salifu Adam Yumza

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