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11.11.2005 General News

Tribute To Comrade Mrs. Emelia Folson

By “Osagyefo” Kwame Appiah Boateng
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Death dealt a devastating blow to the Convention People's Party (CPP) on October 22, 2005 when Ashanti Regional Women's organizer, Comrade Mrs. Emelia Folson, 66, a woman with exceptional intelligence and extra-ordinary courage like the legendary Queen-Warrior Yaa Asantewaa, lost her life in a fiery accident on Atobiase road in Ashanti Region, on her way to Cape Coast to celebrate the tenth anniversary of her mother's death.

As preparations are being made to celebrate the funeral of the fallen comrade on Saturday, November 12, 2005 at her residence at North Suntreso, Kumasi, I would like to take this opportunity to literally “bring her back to life” through a tribute.

Comrade Mrs. Folson was a Patriot who in her life time thought about not what her Country could do for her but what she could do for her Country, as the legendary President John F. Kennedy admonished his fellow Americans.

Comrade Mrs. Folson contributed her quota in the still ongoing attempt to broker peace between (CPP) and other Nkrumaist camps, for the sake of winning power through the ballot box for CPP to enable the Party to once again, serve the best interest of Ghana.

I still recall how Comrade Mrs. Folson's eyes radiated with delight anytime the un-matched achievements of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah are enumerated such as : the establishment of Ghana Commercial Bank in 1956; National Investment Bank, Ghana Co-operative Bank, National Trust Fund, 1958; National Lotteries, 1958; Brick & Tiles – Accra, in 1959; Cannery, Nsawam, Wenchi, Powlugu, 1960; Boatyards, 1962; Distilleries – Accra; Electronics – Tema, 1964; Footwear, Kumasi, 1963; Fibre Bag – Kumasi, 1962; Glass manufacture – Aboso, 1964; Marble works – Accra, 1962; Metal Industries – Accra, 1962; Meat Products – 1962; Paints, 1961; Paper Conversion – Tema, 1961; Sugar Products – 1963; Pharmaceuticals – 1963 / 66; Steel Works – 1964 – Tema; Vegetable Oil Mill, 1968; Esiame; Atebubu, 1960; Ghana Bottling Company – Pepsi; Tema Textiles – Tema; Tomos – assembling plant tractors and motor cycles, Kumasi; Kade Match Factory; Ceramics Factory at Saltpond; Tamale and Takoradi Cement Works; Oil Refinery at Tema; The Tema Food Complex; State Farms Corporation; Tyre Factory at Bonsaso and rubber plantations; Food Production Corporation – a wing of the Workers Brigade; Cocoa Processing Factories at Tema and Takoradi; State Fishing Corporation; Pomadze Poultry Farms Ltd; State Construction Corporation; Food Distribution Corporation; Food Distribution Corporation; Ghana National Trading Corporation; Sheet Metal Factory; IDC furniture Factory; Aluminium Cutlery Factory; Ghana Textile Manufacturing Company, Asbestos Cement Sheet Factory; Black Star Line Shipping; Ghana Airways, etc, - with due apology to Comrade F.A. Jantuah's “The Nkrumaist Legacy” Pamphlet.

Comrade Mrs. Folson assisted my campaign tremendously when I ran a “People's Campaign” for the 2004 Ghana's Parliamentary elections as the CPP Candidate for Member of Parliament at Nhyiaeso Constituency, especially against the Minister of Roads, Hon. Dr. Richard Anane.

In the course of my campaign, I saw in Comrade Mrs. Folson, a self confident, highly intelligent, extra-ordinary courageous, and hard working woman who usually spoke about the principles of Justice and Fairness and whose loyalty to the Just Cause of Ghana's first President, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was vividly unshakeable especially, in terms of establishing a future Continental African Union Government; fighting the vestiges of Neo-Colonialism and Imperialism; eliminating sexism; tribalism and its “twin evil” of ethnic hatred.

Comrade Mrs. Folson had all the qualities to become the first female President of Ghana if fate had allowed her.

Unfortunately, cruel death did not even allow her to enjoy the benefits of her monumental sacrifice for her Party in terms of a future government headed by the Convention People's Party (CPP).

Comrade Mrs. Folson was a “ Political Soldier” and her political fearlessness should serve as a role model for Ghanaians, both men and women.

May this Pen which the late Chief Justice I.K. Abban referred to in his life time, bring back Comrade Mrs. Folson to life and immortalize a true Ghanaian heroine.


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