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09.11.2005 Gossips

Let us tell Lies - JJ

By Daily Guide
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A FOUNDERS' forum summoned at the instance of former President Jerry John Rawlings, and his Aide de Camp, Victor Smith, was held for two days, Monday November 7 to Tuesday November 8, at the Karma Conference Centre, Osu, Accra. The meeting stretched from 10am to 4pm, each day and was held behind closed doors. The former president called on National Democratic Congress (NDC) supporters to use lies and propaganda against the NPP.

He said NPP won the 2004 elections because it managed to turn several falsehoods into truths, and thereby corrupted the moral fibre of Ghanaians. The former president said if something was false, NDC members should strive to make it appear true in the eyes of the ordinary person, and declare it as truth. The founder of NDC lamented that these tactics were poorly used after the previous meeting at Karma Conference, as the message reached nowhere. He said, party members should have put the message of lies on tapes, and then bought airtime so that it would be played throughout the country and disseminated widely, through radio broadcasts.

Eyes wide opened, Rawlings referred to a court action which the party has initiated to annul the results of the 2004 elections, and possibly declare NDC winner.

The plaintiffs to the case are Rojo Mettle-Nunoo, Kofi Portuphy and Squadron Leader Sowu. He declared that there is enough evidence to show that results for certain constituencies were fictitiously changed.

The former president told the party members that when people are denied the right of choice, “you are inviting a revolt and a coup” adding that, “if people say the ground is fertile for a coup, or revolt and you don't put something on it, it will cease to be fertile.”

The former president also mentioned President George Bush of America accusing him of claiming to be fighting terrorism, the consequence of which action he added, has led to the creation of splinter groups among the terrorists. Taking a cue from this, Rawlings argued that if the NPP Administration targets he, Rawlings, he was asking them to form splinter groups, for terrorism, and the Administration will not know how to deal with the pockets of terrorism in the country.

Rawlings also cited as an example, the Arab/Israeli conflict, and claimed that when the Arabs saw they had oil, they used it against the world, and everyone took their cause seriously.

In the same vein, he appealed to Ghanaians to take every opportunity to rise up against the government, and force it to “sue for peace”.

Obviously referring to Dr. Obed Asamoah, the national chairman of NDC, Rawlings said some persons have stolen monies, and are plotting to hijack the party. He therefore, appealed to members to sit up, and watch out for those who are buying votes, in reference to the recent NDC congress in Tamale. According to him, when he was president and his wife was first lady, such actions of stealing from NDC, were impossible.

At the venue of the meeting, the gates were firmly guarded by Prof Atta Mills' Kuku Hill bodyguards, including Akakpo, Atsu, Baby Mohammed Angola and their superior, Baloni, who were one time, or the other members of the disbanded 64th Reserve Battalion, known as the Commando Unit.

Those who attended the meeting and featured prominently were former vice president, Prof John Evans Atta Mills, Alhaji Mohammed Mumuni, who was seen on crutches, Mr. Eddie Annan, Alhaji Mahama Iddrisu, Alhaji Bature of Radio Gold and Gizzele Yazji fame, and Minority Leader, Alban Bagbin.

Others were Prof Kofi Awonoor, J.H. Owusu-Acheampong, Victor Gbeho, Squadron Leader Sowu, Ato Ahwoi, Bede Ziedeng, Kofi Totobi-Quakyi, and Ben Kumbuor. Conspicuously absent was Dr. Obed Asamoah, whom Daily Guide is reliably informed, is seeking medical attention in America, for an ailment. Opening the conference Rawlings declared that since he wanted party members to express their opinions freely and frankly, he did not invite the press.He therefore, encouraged everyone to voice out everything from their “chest”.

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