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09.11.2018 Crime & Punishment

Action Taken By Government On Asawase Killings To Be Known By Next Week

By MyJoyOnline
Action Taken By Government On Asawase Killings To Be Known By Next Week
LISTEN NOV 9, 2018

The government will announce its decision on the investigations into the killing of five young men at Asawase in the Ashanti region on November 16.

The five men were gunned down by a Police Anti-Armed Robbery Squad in July this year at Manso Nkwanta.

But residents of Asawase from where the men hailed challenged the policed report which said the men were armed robbers.

The government promised a full-scale investigation into the circumstances surrounding killings and consequently set up a special committee to conduct the investigations.

Manso Nwanta killing: Release details of investigative report now! - Youth group demands

Sources close to government say that the President is in receipt of the Attorney-General’s recommendations on findings of the committee and is set to announce government’s decisions by Friday.

The Asawase shootings shocked many residents in and around the community leading to questions about Police conduct in crowd control situations.

Government sources say the special committee worked diligently in interrogating various persons of interest and has submitted a comprehensive report which will form the basis of government's decision.