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November 9, 2018 | NDC News

NDC Cadres Support Dan Abodakpi

Mr Abodakpi interacting with some of the cadres
Mr Abodakpi interacting with some of the cadres

Cadres of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) across the country have endorsed the candidature of Dan Abodakpi as chairman of the NDC.

According to the Cadres, the party is at the crossroad and needs an experienced and committed chairman who truly understands the NDC’s ideology to rebuild and restore its fortunes.

Groups of Cadres from the Ashanti, Brong Ahafo, Eastern, Western, Greater Accra, Central and Volta regions, in separate meetings with the Dan Abodakpi, have, therefore, assured him of maximum support to win the post.

They are confident that the leadership of the former Trade and Industry Minister would be highly beneficial to the party, judging from his wealth of experience, vision and strategy for the party’s redevelopment and victory in the 2020 election.

“As a highly experienced and dedicated cadre who played a critical part in the formation of the party, we believe Mr Abodakpi is the best person to lead the rejuvenation of the party,” E. K. T. Addo, Central Regional NDC Chairman said.

During a meeting of Central Regional Executives and Mr Abodakpi in the Cape Coast, as part of his campaign tour of the region, Mr. Addo prayed for the election of Mr Abodakpi.

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Mr Dan Abodakpi interacting with delegates at Achimota

“Many of us have worked under him during the revolution era, and we know how disciplined, loyal and resourceful he has been to the NDC.

“We are solidly behind you because we believe you are competent for the job,” he stressed.

Mr. Kwadwo Nyamekye Marfo, Brong Ahafo Regional Chairman, similarly, extolled the virtues of Mr Abodakpi, saying he is the right person for the task ahead.

“We believe Ambassador Abodakpi can help to save the party from further destruction,” he said.

Mr Donkor Vasco, chairman of Banda constituency in the Brong Ahafo region, also declared the full support of the cadres for Mr. Abodakpi, saying “we know you can do the job,”

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Mr Abodakpi interacting with some delegates

As part of his rebuilding vision for the party, Mr Abodakpi plans to reconnect the party to its grassroot masses, including the cadres, most of whom seem to have been neglected.

He describes the party’s cadres as a “rich stock” of knowledge and plans to initiate the establishment for a “Cadres Wing or caucus” in the party structure so as to create a renewed sense of belonging.

Mr Abodakpi believes the grassroot members and the cadres cannot be taken for granted, adding that they are not voting machines.

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