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Opinion | Nov 9, 2018


By Ohene-Mensah Elvis
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Oh!! Africa
How long shall Africans remain puppets?

Those who have the answer can help my aching head

Our Ignorance And gullibility has always sunk us.

Ignorance has been the leader
Gullibility has been an ardent follower

Our politicians are clouds without rain

Our pride bundled and shipped into unknown lands for their joy.

Must the baboon have a feast while the monkey pushes the wheel barrow?

I said monkey but I'm not a racist

Or maybe we should be called monkeys

Because we are oscillating from one tree of mistake to another

Our leaders always have a lenient stick upon which they lean

" it existed even in the time of my predecessor".

All the goodies rests in the belly of Africa,

My Africa is pregnant
But our midwives are busy sharing the country's money

We have allowed the west to operate us surgically to take that which actually belong to us.

River Congo, that river which can supply the whole of Africa electricity till the kingdom come rests as Africa continue to embrace darkness.

It would appear as though we have a dream to duplicate our black on a gold continent, my Africa .

The west continues to scoop their share of Africa's pride as our leaders equally continue to scramble for $60billion.

Is it not embarrassing for the whole of Africa to be sharing $60billion that a single business man in Europe and America can produce??

They (the west) make everyone to believe that Africa has nothing to offer, and my question is, if that is actually the case then why not leave us alone?

Why are they always into the business of summoning us?

What at all does our people learn that earns them greater title like professor, manager, administrator and the rest??

He has been called a professor but has professed nothing, he is called a manager but can't manage his character, he is called administrator but has not yet administered.

So tell me, what has the scramble for titles done for us so far?

We have doctors whom we have trained but don't even trust, so we run to the west for medical treatment especially when one belongs to the political class.

Professor Patrick loch Otieno Lumumba was right for saying that our leaders have long lost the script and they ought to be described for who they are, our missed leaders.

Maybe, just maybe, we can for once pay attention to our needs and write our script oh my Africa.

Ohene-Mensah Elvis
Political science level 300
University of Education, Winneba.

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