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06.11.2005 Politics

Odododiodioo Youth Vow to throw out Constituency Executives

By Lens
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A clever ploy by the Odododiodoo Constituency Executives of the NDC to get themselves retained in office at the forthcoming constituency conference was recently uncovered when a section of the branches refused to sign a carefully prepared resolution masterminded by the Constituency Chairman, Daniel Toza Okine and a section of Executives. Unknown to most of the unsuspecting members of the branches, the content of the resolution was such its passing would have amounted to passing a vote of confidence in the current executives and thus making any constituency elections superfluous.

The executives, apparently aware of the determination of the youth to vote them out of office in view of the numerous problems that engulfed the constituency before the 2004 elections and the recent bye-elections, made several moves to convince the youth to abandon their plan against them.

When these attempts yielded no result, they came upon a plan to circumvent the youth by convincing the branch executives to sign the resolution in question before the holding of the constituency conference. Unknown to them, the vigilant youths had gotten wind of the scheme. When they got to Tom Brown branch, the Secretary to the branch, Latif Osman, an aspiring Constituency Secretary declined to sign the documents brought and insisted that copies of the resolution be made available to all the branches so that they could discuss the details before appending their signatures.

When they read through the resolution, they saw that it was an attempt by the executives to hoodwink them into retaining them in power. Latif Osman and co. further contacted other branches to restrain them from signing.

Apparently, four branches, including Oku We, Naa Aye, Mose had already been lured into signing the documents without sighting the resolution which was carefully kept away from them; only the page where signatures were to be appended was given to them to sign. The constituency executives conned the signatories that the signature was to facilitate the announcement as the new executives of the branches.

The Lens' enquiries at the branches have revealed that the deceived executives are very much angry. They intend registering their utter disgust through a strong worded letter of protest against the deceitful ploy of the Constituency Executives. They maintain that it will be in the interest of the Executives to swiftly address their grievances.

Nii Okuley and his executives at Oku We branch are among the victims of the grand deception. According to him there was no resolution attached to the signatories' page else they would not have signed it. Nii Okuley, who threatens to quit the party if nothing is done about it, asked the Regional Executives to rectify the anomalies.

The general feeling in the constituency is that certain executives, particularly the Chairman, are dead scared of losing their positions come the elections, hence, the desperate scheme. An interaction with most party members in the Kinka, Nglishie and Korle Workor areas reveals that there is an overwhelming sentiment that the current crop of executives should be changed for a more dynamic crop.

The Lens also learnt that all the current executives refused to help campaign for the late MP Hon. Samuel Ayikwei Mankattah, when their favorite Fixon Owoo failed to win the primaries in 2004. This, to the youth, was the last straw. According them, the current executives claim of two successful victories in the constituency were not their making but the toiled of the late MP.

In an interview with the Odododiodoo MP whose name came up during The Lens' investigations, he condemned the moves by the executives. “I have no knowledge whatsoever of the loathsome resolution”.

The elections, he insisted, are a must. To him, any plan to prevent the holding of the elections will be tantamount to subverting the people's right which will not augur well for the peace of the party in the constituency.

Meanwhile, the Constituency Chairman, Mr. Daniel Toza Okine virtually confirmed to The Lens when reached, that the resolution was meant to be signed by anyone who was so minded and was not designed to suppress the constituents. He however pointed out that the issue was not a matter for the press.

The Lens can reveal that the current constituency Vice Chairman Benjamin Nii Okine is poised to challenge the current Chairman for the top post. Former Assemblyman Nobly Laryer is up for the Vice chairman Position. Gunning for the Secretary position is Latif Osman, the young man who busted the scam resolution; he is being tipped to defeat out of favor, Fixon Owoo.

Lydia Goli lohtly tipped as an Assistant Secretary. For the Constituency Organizer position, the incumbent Nii Bekoe is widely tipped to retain his post. Strong and energetic Ayishetu Yahaya a.k.a 'Aishaa', a close ally of Nii Lante Van is set to snatch the post of Eunice Laryer. Nii Afo Abbey, popularly called 'Smart' is also being mentioned as a possible replacement for the Youth Organizer, Nii Tackie Teiko.

Nii Lante Vanderpuije is said to be the pivot of the new Team whilst the old executives are said to hold allegiances to Nii Okaidja Adamafio and by extension Obed Asamoah. The interesting thing about the impending constituency conference is that it will most likely confirm a swing in power in the constituency. It will be recalled that twice in recent times the Okaidja team suffered losses when Nii Lante Vanderpuije defeated Ishmael Ayitey for the 2004 parliamentary primaries, and his nominee the late MP Samuel Ayikwie Mankattah defeated Fixon Owoo.


Kofi Apedo, Ho

Maxwell Owusu Siaw and Mercy Kuadah, DC Volta Regional Youth and Women Organizer respectively must be wondering why they allowed themselves to be used to sign a release last week taking issues with statements made recently by former President Rawlings at the Volta Regional delegates congre! ss in Kpando.

Since the publication of the statement in last Friday's issue of the Daily Graphic, the rank and file of the party in the region has not given the party regional executives any peace. Modestus Ahiable, the regional party Chairman has had to restrain with difficulty irate youths and women of the party who were bent on coming out in their numbers to denounce those who were behind the statement.

When contacted, the regional Chairman expressed surprise about the statement that appeared in the Graphic. He and other executives were not privy to the statement. Sources close to the Chairman have informed the lens that plans are far advanced to convene an emergency meeting of the regional executives to go into the issue and find out the circumstances under which the two individuals decided to issue such a statement without the knowledge of the regional body.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that the regional youth and women organizer, both of whom are known to be close allies of Obed Asamoah, only appended their signature to the statement, which was drafted by others who are not members of the regional executives. The names of two MPs, Hon. Akua Dansua and Djapong Kudjo are feverishly making the rounds in the region as those who were the brains behind the statement, which is eliciting so much anger amongst the overwhelming numbers of NDC followers in the Volta region and beyond.