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Opinion | Nov 6, 2018

Musings Of A Dreamer

Ewuramah Dede
Musings Of A Dreamer

Choked cities, unemployed youth, poor road networks, famished villages, malnourished kids, high tax rates, unsung heroes, pardoned offenders. Add your list to Ghana’s numerous woes and count your blessings in the process. When I see mothers rise to the crow of the cock; to labor and push their children up the academic ladder, when I see students burn the midnight oil; to draw the closer to the door of success. When farmers pray for rain; to grow crops and feed a nation_ I see nothing but bearers of hope. Millions of Ghanaians rise day in and day out with the hope of a brighter day. Many with brilliant ideas and undaunted certainty that today is going to be a better day. Just like the millions, I have a dream.

I have a dream that someday our cities will flee from the captivity of filth and our roads will be as good as the word. I have a dream that the youth will interminably be surrounded by opportunities - or better still, the scale will fall from their eyes to see those surrounding them. I have a dream that farmers will be given grants to produce more food for our export and consumption.

That our leaders will be held accountable and the system will work. That employment will be awarded based on qualification and not by courtesy of whom you know. I have a dream that quality education will reach the smallest of villages and heroes who are causing change in their communities will be acknowledged. I have a dream that charity will not be a thing which is done for the sole purpose of creating impressive images in the eyes of the public, but one motivated by the true cause to serve and make the world a better place. I have a dream that the media will churn out less politics and ensure that policies are being implemented.

I have a dream that uprising entrepreneurs will be given the needed support and people will be happy to see others rise. That we will embrace recycling with an open mind and our beaches will take a break from human waste. That we will conserve energy and stop our taps from running over. I have a dream that workers will stop avoiding taxes and no government will build a fortune for themselves with taxpayer’s money. I have a dream that lecturers will grade students solely on their academic performance and nothing else.

That competent women will be cherished for who they are and not have their sexuality being a hindrance to their success. I have a dream that more people will contribute to community service and more nurses will be compassionate. That people will cherish good health and consciously fight to have it. I have a dream that the police and other law enforcing agencies will work with prestige and integrity.

That when people in authority break the law, they will be penalized. I have a dream that Ghanaians will embark on an individual revolutionary agenda. That we will work with more commitment and focus. I have a dream that this won’t be just a dream. That change is coming on the wheels of time and conscious effort. This is the dream; a better Ghana created by Ghanaians for themselves.


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