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Nov 3, 2018 | Press Statement

In Solidarity With Conveners Of Concerned Citizens Of Upper West Region On The Collapse Of UDS, Wa Campus

By Young Social Democrats || Upper West Regional Chapter
In Solidarity With Conveners Of Concerned Citizens Of Upper West Region On The Collapse Of UDS, Wa Campus

It is undoubtedly a fact that education is the bedrock of national development anywhere in the world. It is against this backdrop that the framers of the 1992 constitution of the republic of Ghana provides in article 25, the right of citizens to equal access to educational opportunities and facilities. As a result, successive governments have made frantic efforts to provide every region access to tertiary education, the reason for which the Rawlings regime established the University for Development at Tamale and satellite campuses at Nyankpala and Navrongo, and another satellite campus established at Wa by the Kuffour’s regime.

In 2016, H.E. John Mahama announced that the ten man committee led by Dr Amoako had finalized the work on the autonomy of the UDS-Navrongo and UDS-Wa campuses on a 2-day “Accounting to the people tour” of the Upper West Region whiles commissioning the Wa Regional Library. This was further announced in the 2016 State of Nation’s address.

Fast forward in July, 2018, H.E John Mahama’s successor, H.E Nana Addo, reiterated his commitment to pass the necessary legislation that will make the Wa campus, a university on its own. It is therefore surprising that a deliberate attempt is being made to subvert the Constitution and deny the citizens of Upper West Region their right to access tertiary education whiles the government looks on. The young social democrats want to know what has changed that President Akuffo Addo is reneging on his pledge before Mba Naa. It is surprising that the supposed realignment of programmes is happening ONLY on the Wa campus. What is even surprising is the silence of sons of the soil; Professors Galaa and Bagah. We at YSD vehemently disagree with Wa Campus Principal, Professor Ameen on the untenable reasons assigned to the dwindling numbers on the Wa Campus. We believe that he is the executioner of this grant agenda initiated by the Vice Chancellor who has always stood against granting autonomy to the Wa campus.

The YSD fully support any action by the conveners of the concerned citizens of upper west region in their quest to fight for our educational right. The YSD will support any action, civil or legal, not to overthrow the constitution but the men who are making every frantic effort to pervert the Constitution. The promise by the Regional Minister to resolve the matter sometime back when this matter was first raised is long over due. His silence and the silence of the Minister of Tertiary Education, President Nana Addo and entire Government gives credence to the rumour that Government deliberately wants to Collapse the Wa Campus.

The actions and inactions of this Government have created tensions across many Tertiary Institutions as being seen in University of Education, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, University of Ghana etc. As of today, College of education Teachers is on strike. Concerned Teachers Association of Ghana is on strike. Many Senior high schools are suffering, all as a result of the inactions and actions by this Government.

Whiles calling on Government to address matters across our educational institutions, the Young Social Democrats wish to appeal to the Conveners to save UDS Wa campus not to renege on this noble fight they have started. The YSD wishes to join hands with them to appeal to all lovers of education in and outside the Upper West Region, alumni of UDS, Lecturers and students of UDS, Camboo drivers association, Trotro and taxi drivers, barbers, hairdressers, traders, etc to come out in their numbers to support their call for a demonstration. Together we shall conquer to save the University Campus and saves jobs for the laborers, part-time staff, drivers, hostel owners and petty food sellers. Let your voice be heard!!!!!

For and on behalf of YSD:

  • Andaban Denis, (0208057227,0549734023)
  • B.T.SLY,(0207180414)
  • Oly Mohammed, (0206394459)
  • Dabaga James, 0241377973
  • Mohammed Tando, 0206595611

Cc: All Media Houses, UWR

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