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01.11.2018 General News

Vivo Energy Launches CyClean for Schools

By Emmanuel Ajarfor Abugri
Corporate Communications Manager of Vivo Energy Ghana, Mrs. Shirley Tony Kum
LISTEN NOV 1, 2018
Corporate Communications Manager of Vivo Energy Ghana, Mrs. Shirley Tony Kum

Vivo Energy Ghana in collaboration with Environment 360 has launched CyClean, an industry-first recycling initiative for basic schools within the Korle-Gonno and Mamprobi to help promote environmental sustainability.

The programme, which is under the Ghana Recycling Incentivized Program for Schools (GRIPS), presented customized waste segregation bins to participating schools such as Martyr of Uganda, SDA Basic School, ishop Mix Basic School, Bishop Girls Basic School, AME Zion Basic Schools (ABC), Nii Kojo Ababio Basic School, St. George’s Basic School and Nii Odartey Lamptey Basic Schools in Accra.

Speaking at the ceremony in Accra, the Corporate Communications Manager of Vivo Energy Ghana, Mrs. Shirley Tony Kum, on behalf of the Managing Director, said, six schools were selected for the pilot of the programme last year.

She noted that the schools include Nii Kojo Ababio Basic School, AM.E Zion Cluster of schools, St. Georges Anglican School and Korle Gonno R/C Boys School.

Mrs. Kum indicated that a total waste of 4.84tonnes made up of 3.8tonnes of plastics and 1.04tonnes of paper were collected and recycled.

According to her, monies accrued went into the provision of segregation bins for the schools, adding that, there are other rewards packages which will be rolled-out for implementing schools in the coming weeks.

She opined that by educating our school children on the effects of improper waste disposal and inculcating proper waste segregation in them, it will have a generational effect and reduce the filth in our society.

Mrs. Kum stressed that together with the SHEP coordinators, they will also develop innovative environmental programmes that will engage the children and stimulate their creativity in waste management.

She added that the company has been relentless in its efforts to institute people-centred sustainable development in the communities where it operates.

As a sign of commitment to maintaining a clean environment, she emphasized that their partner agency, Environment 360 will ensure that the segregated wastes are picked up regularly for recycling.

According to her, Vivo Energy Ghana under its Energy for Education Project has donated 3000 solar lamps to school children in the rural areas and the Greater Accra region.

“The Accra Metro Directorate of the Ghana Education Service, Accra Sempe 'l' A and B Primary and KG school, Anum Primary and JHS School in the Eastern Region and the New Takoradi Community library are all beneficiaries of over 3000 library books donated by Vivo Energy Ghana,” she stated.

The Trigger
Mrs. Kum intimated that inappropriate waste management in some schools also constitutes one of the factors leading to declining environmental health standards.

According to her, schools accumulate waste from plastics, papers and foods. It is therefore not surprising to see some school compounds especially those located in vicinities where poor sanitation and waste management remain a challenge, littered with wastes particularly sachet water plastics and papers.

She posited that in some schools, the unavailability or inadequate waste bins and budget for weekly waste collection is a challenge and as a result, wastes are piled up for a number of weeks before pick-ups are done.

The Founder and Executive Director of Environment 360, Cordie Aziz noted that the programme seeks to empower children to take charge of their immediate environment in a sustainable manner.

She said her outfit has supported 50 schools in Accra on sustainable sanitation projects to beautify the environment and instill discipline among the children by impacting a mindset of behavior that will improve the sanitation situation in the country.

The Deputy Director In-Charge of Supervision and Management at the Accra Metro Education Office, Madam Leticia Garr indicated that despite the many initiatives by government to solve the plastic menace, Ghana is still facing serious challenges in the fight against poor sanitation in the country.

With the support of the CyClean project, she is optimistic that the programme which seeks to educate the kids as they grow with the right mindset and attitude towards environmental sustainability.

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