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Opinion | Nov 1, 2018

Aids- Millions Of False Articles Behind It

Aids- Millions Of False Articles Behind It

An Aids victim on her dying bed
Aids or acquired immune deficiency syndrome is an infectious disease of humans of viral origin. Aids is characterized by a gradual weakening of the immune system, whose functionality eventually falls to such an extent that it is also dangerous for those types of infections or malignant outgrowths that do not occur in a healthy person at all, such as candidiasis, Kaposi's sarcoma, pneumonia caused by Pneumocystis carinii.

This is all that the fake media medical writers say without revealing that Aids was a plot to wipe out a particular race before it backfired. Above all, Kaposi’s sarcoma, Burkitt’s lymphoma, nodding disease etc, were all man-made disease.

HIV in the body can be diagnosed by blood tests. The most common is the presence of HIV antibodies in the blood. The positive result of the test means that the virus produces antibodies against the virus and is infected with it.

However, antibodies are produced in sufficient quantities for some time after infection. During this time, the so-called immunological window of three weeks to six months, most often 2-3 months, it is not possible to detect the presence of the virus in the body.

Currently, a combination therapy is used, which does not destroy the virus, but it greatly inhibits its proliferation, prolonging unprincipled infection, improving the life of the patient and delaying the AIDS stage.

Knowing the fact that you are infected is psychologically very demanding for everyone, but with current therapy, it gives you hope for a longer and better life, and perhaps also await the discovery of a new, more effective therapy.

Because of the high HIV variability, it has not yet been possible to produce a vaccine that is effective against all variants circulating in the human population.

That’s what the false medical writers often write but the question how can they use the right medicine to cure Aids when the main plan is to depopulate Africa?

Johan van Dongen
Johan van Dongen, © 2018

Johan Van Dongen is a man who cares about humanity. As a scientist, he believes the scientific world is on the wrong track when it comes to the secret of using human beings for experiments and for testing bio-weapons.

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