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FEATURED: Scientists Can't Prove God Wrong Yet Only A Few Believe In God...

Oct 29, 2018 | Poem

The Affair

By Michael Twum Appiah Adjei
The Affair

Sex is good for health, I was told
I remember the other night in the room
Alone with Philomena since noon
She allured me with her inflated 'balloon'
and I couldn't resist dancing to her tune.
For the first time fantasies met reality, I smiled.

People get encountered with the Holy Spirit
But mine?
Mine was with a woman I had no license to touch.
My sulky dependency on God was laid to rest
As soon as I got Philomena undressed.
Now, we were going to have more than just glimpse.
We tossed and turned in our plight
Our mission was to satisfy ourselves until the sun shows light.

I turned her around, sat up and kissed her.
With delight, I made her ride on top of me.
Moaning and whimpering was our sexual instrument.
A frictional force was created
from each of our bodies as the hours passed by.
Lying still, my breath caught up in my chest.
It seemed like the voyage
had taken forever
and also just begun – all at the same time.
After the 'genging and banging' had settled

and Philomena was deeply asleep,
My anxieties were also put to sleep.
I opened the window,
Turned to Philomena, and in sorrow, gripped the pillow.

The stupidity in me had traded my dignity for shame before my God.

It was the night I cursed myself
What to tell my creator is still left scrambled.
Sex is good for health, I was told
Having it with the right person
And at the right time, I never listened.
Science and reasoning taught me the former.
But the Bible... Jesus prefers the latter.
Written by,
Michael Twum Appiah Adjei
[email protected]

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