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Oct 23, 2018 | Regional News

Asuogyaman: Paul Asare Ansah Provides Alternative Employment Skills For Women

By Modern Ghana
Asuogyaman: Paul Asare Ansah Provides Alternative Employment Skills For Women

The Rebirth Africa (A Paul Ansah Development Foundation) in partnership with the Women's Wing of the Asuogyaman NPP and the New Look Club, have held a Training for 200 women in alternative employment skills aimed at making them independent in their finances.

The Training , held at Aboasa, brought about 200 women from Asuogyaman Constituency together to receive training in various entrepreneurial modules such as sewing, beads making, make-up and decoration, soap making, bread and pastries making and batik making.

A coalition of financeers have been mobilized by the New Look Club of Akosombo to help them set up their businesses after the training that would last for three months in the various zones in Asuogyaman. The three months zonal training has started in Apeguso/ Frankadua on Thursday, October 18, 2018. The training grounds at Akosombo is set to begin the skills training for the Akosombo zone today, October 20, 2018 and subsequently in the other zones.

When women are empowered and supported, dependence on people for their needs with the attendant risk of exploitation will be a thing of the past. The programme, when finished will enable the women of Asuogyaman earn sustainable living.

Hon. Paul Asare Ansah is the exclusive sponsor of the programme who have invested 75,000 into training of these women and it will cost him high in setting then up after the training.

For God and Country
God bless Hon Paul Asare Ansah
For any information or details about the training call the programme Cordinator Jake Kpodonu on 024 412 8842

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