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21.10.2018 Press Release

Concern Youth Of Nandom Appreciates The Massive Contributions Of Dr. Simon's Mango Tree Foundation

By Denis Andaban
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The Concern Youth of Nandom have realised with an overwhelming excitement massive developmental projects being executed in and around Nandom by a group called Dr. Simon's Mango Tree Foundation.

Simon's Mango Tree Foundation is a
Philanthropic organization comprising some natives of Nandom living abroad and some white counterparts
who are so charitable and are so much enthused in contributing their bits to helping the good people living in and around Nandom and other parts of Upper West Region.

Dr. Derbie's Mango Tree Foundation has been inactive medical outreach delivery programs and other benevolent activities for over 4 years now and their contributions to the health enhancement of Nandom has been overwhelming.

With the help of their medical specialists and sophisticated health machinery and equipment, they have been phenomenal in attending to complications of all sorts involving our kin and kindred especially women, their charity networks have resulted in the provision of education and health-related infrastructure, clothing, retooling of laboratories through donation of health equipment, general medical screening and diagnosis services for free among many other interventions in Nandom.

The Concern Youth and good people of Nandom, having taken notice of this refreshing development by Dr. Derbie Simon and his indefatigable team over sometime now wishes to profoundly acknowledge this proud son of Nandom (Guo) and the invaluable contributions they have been making to the course of Nandom and to show our sincerest gratitude for this wonderful gesture .

It must be emphasized that Dr. Simon's Mango Tree Foundation is a non-governmental and non-political charity organization which is primarily based in the UK. They reach out to all without prejudice to any considerations.

A few of their interventions so far in the Nandom area include :

1. A well equipped kitchen for the Guo Primary School

2. A computer laboratory well stocked with computers for Guo JHS

3. Medical equipment and Machinery for the St Theresa Hospital, Nandom

4. Medical facilities for the Guo CHIPS Compound

5. Free Health Screening , Diagnosis and medication exercise in Nandom and its environs

6. Clothing for some Communities

7. Sponsorship and bursaries for some brilliant but needy students from the Nandom area

9 . A Nurses quarters for the Guo CHIPS Compound.

10. A three-classroom block for Guo Technical school ( Guo Access)

11. Renovation of Guo JHS Teachers' bungalow

These among other interventions are worthy of commendation by all progressive Nandome so far as the work of Dr. Simon's Mango Tree Foundation are concerned.

It is with this impressive background that we wish to also highlight for the benefit of all that the Foundation will be undertaking another Free Health Screening, diagnostic and medication exercise in Nandom from Monday to Friday, 22-27th of October 2018. The team is a 22 member team of medical specialists: surgeons, gynecologists, breast cancer specialists among others. The team has therefore been divided into two one at Jirapa and one to be in Nandom on the same date. The screening will run concurrently at Jirapa and Nandom.

Services to be rendered will be mainly in Breast Cancer, General Surgeries, Gynecology among others. The team will also donate some theatre equipment and other medical facilities to the Jirapa and Nandom Hospitals as well.

Concern Youth, therefore, wishes to use this platform to call on all Nandome to come out in their numbers with their valid health insurance cards and participate fully in the health screening exercise, surgical operations of some complications and medications for improved health.

The Concern Youth of Nandom and the good people of the area once again express our profound gratitude to Dr. Derbie and his selfless team and to encourage them to keep up their good works for God and humanity.

We wish to also call on all stakeholders of the development of Nandom and all Nandome not to hesitate in supporting this noble team with whatever means they can, to facilitate and enhance their work.

It is also the hope of Concern Youth that with time, Mango Tree Foundation will grow from strength to strength and will be able to reach out and cover other parts of Nandom with their charity networks.

It is therefore in the light of these that we, the Concern Youth of Nandom, deemed commendable hence our expression of our sincerest gratitude in this release. We are so much indebted to this team.

It is our fervent prayer and hopes that God extends the lifespan of this team and bless them all for their magnanimity. Thank you.


Joshua Dedee


Derbie Raphael

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