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31.10.2005 NDC News

NDC Begs Macho Woman

By Daily Guide
NDC Begs Macho Woman
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THE NATIONAL Democratic Congress (NDC) leadership, including Prof John Evans Atta Mills, the party's twice-defeated flagbearer for the 2000 and 2004 elections, and Enoch Teye Mensah, MP for Ningo Prampram, and power-broker in the party, last Friday, virtually went on their knees, begging Miss Frances Awurabena Asiam, NDC women's organiser to ceasefire.
Realising that Ms. Asiam, who was targeted by the “Rawlings' boys”, including Nii Lante Vanderpuye for destruction, following her exposure of Mr. Rawlings' dirty “politricks” in NDC, was going on offensive to expose the diabolic agenda of the main opposition party, Prof Mills and other NDC leaders pleaded with the women's organiser not to cause further damage to the party, by washing its dirty linen in public.
Daily Guide learnt that, last Friday, Nii Lante Vanderpuye was scheduled to deliver the last blow to destroy Frances on CitiFM's Inside Politics, hosted by Paul Adom-Otchere earlier after his appearances at a number of radio stations in Accra, where he painted the combative women's organiser as an unreliable person, because of her alleged romance with New Patriotic Party (NPP) gurus. However, when Frances threatened to call into the programme with insider knowledge to expose Nii Lante Vanderpuye, for his alleged electoral fraud, Prof Mills and others were said to have called Nii Lante and advised him not to say anything more, on the NDC crisis.
Subsequently, when Nii Lante, who is contesting NDC youth organiser Haruna Iddrisu, for the position, was given the platform to re-enact his earlier story that Frances solicited support from people in government, when he was arrested for electoral fraud, he declined to go into the fray, saying that, Frances only gave him a sisterly advice.
He denied his earlier submission that Frances lured him to defect to NPP, maintaining silence on the allegations he spewed out on a number of radio stations, on Wednesday and Thursday, last week.
Daily Guide learnt that, the Rawlings' camp, which had retreated under the heavyweight of France's barrage of allegations, had wanted to use Nii Lante's appearance on CitiFM to fortify its positions, before Prof Mills and others' intervened, to persuade Nii Lante not to go into the matter.
Sources close to the 2004 NDC flagbearer told Daily Guide that Frances had telephoned the defeated NDC flagbearer, asking him to call Nii Lante, who was his press secretary, to order, lest she caused more havoc, that would make Hurricane Katrina, a child's play.
She threatened, if Nii Lante goes ahead to implement the Rawlings group's agenda, then she would make herself available as star witness in Nii Lante's electoral fraud charges, which prevented him from standing as NDC candidate for the Odododiodioo Constituency parliamentary election.
Frances, last Saturday, October 29, on JoyFM News File, cynically made fun of Nii Lante, when she said, “one has to be careful in this era of sisterly advice”, when she was commenting about the recent uproar in NDC which she instigated.
Daily Guide has learnt, the Rawlings' camp was going to organise praise-singers,who would go all-out, to discredit Frances. The praise-singers had earlier, last week, taken over the party office to discredit her, and threatened to beat her up.
They, therefore, organised the praise-singers to go on a shouting spree, and cook up a story with a view to discrediting Frances.
The Rawlings praise-singers were, therefore, armed with allegations that the NDC women's organiser was on the payroll of the New Patriotic Party (NPP). They were, therefore, given the platform to spew out damaging allegations on a number of radio stations that she had been bribed with ¢100 million by NPP, through some government officials.
Meanwhile, Daily Guide has learnt that, after the three days of whining and grousing on air about how the office of the former president used her to attack certain personalities in NDC and government, Frances broke down and wept. Daily Guide has since discovered that Miss Asiam wept not because she had regretted her action of exposing the evil missions on behalf of the former president, but at the fact that her own party fanatics, instead of supporting her in weaning the party of bloodhounds, were rather baying for her blood. While all these went on, the woman at the centre of it all, Miss Frances Asiam last Wednesday, sequestered herself in her office at the NDC headquarters, Kokomlemle, amidst a barrage of insults and vituperation on her person. Unable to beat the “devil” out of Frances, who was calling their bluff, NDC women and serial-callers called for reinforcement, and soon assembled personalities like Miss Jemima Anita De Souza, a known serial-caller.
Together with others, they sat down and compared negative notes they had on Ms Asiam. When Frances entered the compound and into her office, Anita then came out, and raised her voice towards the office of Frances Asiam, saying, “Leave Rawlings alone! Frances, leave Rawlings alone, or else, we will destroy you!” An ex-commando had earlier parked a Pinz Gauer vehicle with registration number GR 5324 H, in front of the NDC headquarters, while members of 31st December Women's Movement took positions in and out of the Ring Road office building, shouting vituperation at Frances Asiam, and threatening to pump sense into her head.
Urged on by the presence of the ex-commando, one Hajia was overheard saying, “we won't have patience for Obed's boys and girls. We'll make sure we drive all of them out of office, before the national congress is due.

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