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Oct 20, 2018 | Economy & Investments

Re: Trasacco Blames Casual Workers Layoffs On Economic Conditions

By CitiNewsRoom
Re: Trasacco Blames Casual Workers Layoffs On Economic Conditions

It has come to the attention of that a story published on this website on October 18, 2018 with the headline “Trasacco blames casual workers layoffs on economic conditions“, was not entirely accurate.

The story had said more than more than 100 contract workers of the company protested against the firm demanding full payment of their compensation.

Also, it stated that Trasacco Estates Development Company is an Italian company.

The above facts have been clarified below:
Ownership of Company
We state in clear terms that Trasacco Estates Development Company is not an Italian Company but a full-fledged company owned and run by Ghanaians.

We wish to state in clear terms that the demonstrators were about 85% casual workers and not over 100 contract workers or permanent workers as stated in the media release.

The following decisions were taken due to current market conditions of the economy which has made it impossible to continue in same situation as before:

a.​ Casual Workers – They were asked to go on vacation for three (3) months after which all things being equal will be recalled to restart their work. Fortunately after two (2) months now, they have been official informed that come first November 2018 they will be recalled to start work. It is also important to note that Trasacco pays their individual Insurance to SSNIT. We state clearly that no casual has been retrenched or sacked or dismissed as has been stated in your publication. Under normal circumstances of work, the casual worker is only paid when he or she works. Their reason that they should be paid wages during their time of absence does not tally with their normal working condition as casual labour of no work no pay.

b.​Contract Staff – No Contract Staff have been dismissed or sacked. They have been asked to go on Three (3) month leave and then paid 25 percent of their salary for two (2) months and 60 percent of their annual leave allowance. These arrangements were agreed at a meeting between TUC, ICU, Trasacco Local Union and Trasacco management during their last three (3) meetings. We also want to state clearly that each contract staff during their period of work in the company received full payment of their salary contrary to what was reported by you. We have also officially written to their various Banks where some of them have contracted private individual loans at which Trasacco has given an undertaking that their contract workers will resume work to good their loans in future.

Payment of Compensation
We state clearly that no contract staff or casual workers have been sacked and therefore no justification for payment of any compensation or what so ever. In the case of contract staff they are on three (3) months leave after which the company believes they will resume work. With the casual workers, even if they are not recalled, for the sake of working conditions, they are not receiving any wage because of no work done. regrets any inconvenience the story may have caused the company.


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