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Oct 11, 2018 | General News

Rains Cut Off Akanteng Community

By MyJoyOnline
Rains Cut Off Akanteng Community

Residents of Akanteng in the Eastern Region, have been left stranded as a heavy down pour there on Thursday morning cut off the community from the rest of the region.

The residents of the mining community in the Lower West Akyem Municipality, are finding it extremely difficult to cross over to other towns.

The rains caused river Suhyen which is connected to surrounding communities, to overflow its banks.

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Parts of the road from Akanteng to Subreso have been flooded making it impossible for vehicles to ply the road. A resident is asking authorities to fix the bad roads there.

Speaking to Joy News a resident said: “When it rains and we attempt using the road with our vehicles our engines stop working”.

He complained that it costs a lot to fix these vehicles and pleaded that the authorities come help fix the road to make their commute easy when it rains.

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“We are suffering here a lot so we plead they should fix the roads for us”, another resident voiced his concern.

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