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Opinion | Oct 10, 2018

Are you ready?

Like for the past six months the first to do in the mornings for him was to go down on his knees in his bedroom of his apartment in Sülldorf, West of Hamburg. He looked up to heaven and asked GOD either to give him the strength to accept being a Bachelor until death or finally grant him a family desired for so long.

Being in his early forties he knew so well in all his heart and soul that he wanted to raise kids with a woman and to share life with her in good and bad times. All his efforts had proven unsuccessful and had made him sad and tired of life. He felt to have been treated unfairly, was his whole personality made to have a family of his own and not only watching others from the side line.

He was holding his breath and thoughts listening out to the wide open field of possibilities he saw before his very own eye.

He prayed to GOD to hear his voice…only silence; endless darkness of thoughts covered his soul.

Unexpectedly a clear voice was touching his heart: “Are you sure of your wish?”

He looked up shocked to hear from GOD. It took him moments to respond: „Yes Lord, I am sure.”

“If this is your wish, before I make it come true, let me tell you about what is going to happen before I will ask you again…finally.”

Endless minutes passed by, than God told him about his future: “I will send you to Africa; even I know you do not want it. To make my plans for you in Africa real, you with your stubborn heart, I will build you a bridge…a bridge to push you into your position and gloriousness. I give you your Judas to push you, as your first wife will pretend to love you but all her mind is about living in Germany a better life than in Kenya. Her name is Emma Jaoko from Miwani, Nynaza Province. She is the devil you will love with all your heart. She will cheat on you with another white German man and from him she will get pregnant while you think the boy is your long desired son.

Your Judas is small in physical size but her evilness will germinate to destroy you. She will take the company you will create away from you with a dirty trick both, a company both of you will establish. She will push you to Ghana and will make you work for her as a slave so that she can enjoy the good life with her handicapped son and her lover…she will want you to provide for her lustful life.

But you will have no intentions to please her, but your new second wife. Emma Heerde will realize it, and as unable to handle business, dissolve your company. In anger she will take all your belonging from you, your furniture, destroy all your documents, novel manuscripts, patent certificate, University Certificate and much more. She will ask you for money that she has no right to get only to ensure you will die in shame in Ghana and never come back to expose her evilness.

In this process she will push your mother, together with your eldest sister Heidi Jürgensen and he stupid husband Hans-Jürgen Jürgensen, in her early grave telling your mother the lie you have stolen money from the old lady yet they have written evidence that the money was invested in Government Bonds in a bank account you had opening with your Judas holding your mother´s money as Trustees. Your sister will spread lies after lies about you to your friends and business partners to finish you. Her stupid husband will send an e-mail to you declaring the family wishes you to die in Africa. You will not die in Africa but return back to Hamburg and expose all of them and their lies in a heavy fight during which the witch that your sister always has been will not end her road to destroy your good name.

In Ghana you will suffer a lot. From investors you will get 64 Million Dollars for your various projects. You will even sign as witness a contract over one Billion Dollars to invest in Ghana. But Mr. Okoro, the Transport Manager of President John Dramani Mahama will take Millions away from you. High ranking members of the NDC will force you into hiding in a guest house in Greda Estate for two months before the Chief of Staff will enter into repayment agreement with you and your partners, partners that are going to hide in Lomé as all of your lives will be in danger. One of them even will be unlawfully imprisoned for two years based on a corrupt Judge. UT-Bank will arrest you when you enter their Headquarter at the Airport only for Otumfo years later to find out that Ibrahim Mahama had taken a big loan from the bank, never paid it back and your USD 10 Million was used to even their books.

You will be called names, write 6 novels, one constitution draft for a new Ghana, publish more than 230 articles and get a strong man of God, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, at your side to fight for you. You will find yourself in the middle of a debate to solve Ghana`s problems, people will applaud you and people will fight you.

Son, is that the kind of life you really want to live? Are you strong and ready for it?”

“God…Job had lost everything, yet still worshipped you. Jacob was in prison and you lifted him up. Nelson Mandela was in prison for 27 years; Abraham Lincoln got shot dead so did Mahatma Gandhi. This world will only be a better place when people are courages, do not shy away to speak out their mind and fight for their position. Political correctness…see what mess it has caused to societies. When we are aunts crawling on the ground…busy as they are…but they do not leave a legacy behind…no stone…no life changed for the better. God what sense does life make when it is not for you to serve your kingdom and as Psalm 37 is my pillar and Psalm 91 my protection, whatever will happen in my life to come, I trust you to be at my side always. Life without a calling to be fulfilled is life wasted…and in this world most people waste their lives. I do not want to part of them, but part of you.

Yes, Lord I am ready for you…as my daily prayer goes `Make me the instrument of your Peace`…God use me!”

Karl-Heinz Heerde
Karl-Heinz Heerde, © 2018

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