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26.10.2005 General News

Heat in the NDC front

By Chronicle
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... Frances Essiam crushes Rawlings' spokesman in a blaze of fury ...Exposes the Rawlingses as purveyors of bile, calumny

Ms. Frances Essiam, self-acclaimed 'one woman thousand' and National Women's Organizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has openly broken ranks with the inside propaganda kitchen war cabinet of the former President, specializing in cooking and spreading poisonous fumes, unleashing her venom with paralyzing effect on the official spokesman of Flt. Lt Jerry Rawlings (Rtd).

Stung by a series of coordinated attacks on her person by newspapers her party set up, Frances showed why she is rolled out by Rawlings and his wife when their strongest foes appear on the horizon to threaten them.

Training her guns on Victor Smith, whom she alleged to be behind the NDC newspapers (The National Democrat, The Lens) that are defaming her, some of them calling her a prostitute, Ms. Essiam expressed anguish and anger slaying into him and labeling him as a 'hatchet man'.

Frances then made an amazing confession that confirmed widespread perceptions that the former President directly conjures the abuses and poisonous attacks that flow from his camp.

She recalled one occasion when Victor Smith called her from London and asked that she spoke with Rawlings immediately because he had an assignment for her. That assignment was a major verbal assassination job on the one man who has stood up to Jerry Rawlings over the years and survived it – Dr. Obed Asamoah.

'Frances you are the only one who can stop this guy' she told her audience as the way the man who is viewed by some as a statesman as saying to her before proceeding to task her to do what she does best – demolition job. 'The former President came on the line and told me emphatically and categorically before God whom I worship and with the Bible which I go to Church (with) every Sunday, that I am the only person who can stop Dr. Obed Asamoah in his track'. She said she obeyed and carried the assassination job, moving from one station to the other, meeting to the other, tormenting Obed out of blind loyalty.

Frances, who is pursuing a double-masters degree course, flowed eloquently as she recalled being given a similar assignment by the former First Lady to carry out a similar assignment for her, including one that meant tangling with Maame Dokono and upsetting her.

Sounding supremely upbeat and confident, Ms. Essiam warned Smith that he has bitten more than he could chew, because she is one ton of a woman – a one–woman hit squad, or as she herself described it “a one woman thousand.”

Frances wondered how, after lending herself to be used as a conveyor belt for vitriol so dutifully, Rawlings and Smith sit down and refuse to stop their newspapers from maligning her. It hurts, she whined and insisted she had issues to clear with Victor Smith, chief of which included a desire to clear her name. 'I am irrepressible…

She dismissed suggestions that she may leave the party, she emphasized that she is not going to be pushed out of the NDC by anyone and would always remain a member of the NDC, “I'm in the NDC today, …you cannot push me out,” she dared.

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