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IMANI’s Inputs Into the 2019 Ghana Budget Presented to Finance Ministers

By IMANI Ghana
IMANI’s Inputs Into the 2019 Ghana Budget Presented to Finance Ministers
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IMANI was one of selected think tanks Ghana's Finance Minister asked to make inputs into the preparation of Ghana's 2019 budget.

IMANI believes analysing government's budget will enhance accountability in the spending of taxpayers' money and will lead to democratic and development outcomes in the country.

After assessing the 2017 and 2018 budgets in connection with the Government's Medium Term Development Plan, it appears government is making diligent efforts to restructure the economy, however,

  1. The exogenous shocks appear to expose systemic inefficiencies in our development programmes.
  2. For some of the programs that government is implementing, it is difficult to see if they are clearly following up on value for money to ensure there is efficiency of cost.
  3. There should be a coordination and synchronization of government policies and programmes.
  4. There should also be a coherent strategy on the implementation of policies and programmes.

Please see the power point presentation (only 22 slides) @ BUDGET-2019-Stakeholder-Forum-on-Policies-and-Programmes.pptx

Later next month when the final budget is presented by the Finance Minister, IMANI's upcoming fellow, Dr. Godfred Bokpin will present his inaugural fellowship lecture on How the 2019 Budget Responded to Choices Ghana Should Make After Exiting the IMF Programme. Dr Godfred A. Bokpin holds the following degrees. BSc. Admin (Accounting), MPhil (Finance), PhD (Economics). He is an Economist and Professor of Finance, UGBS, University of Ghana

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