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02.10.2018 General News

UCC Students Told To Stop Cultism

By Daily Guide
Professor Joseph Ghartey Ampiah
LISTEN OCT 2, 2018
Professor Joseph Ghartey Ampiah

Students of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) have been warned to desist from engaging in occultism, hooliganism and other anti-social behaviours that will disturb the peace of the university.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Joseph Ghartey Ampiah, who gave the warning, said the university would not countenance any such activities that threaten the peace or hold the university to ransom.

Prof. Ghartey Ampiah was speaking at the UCC Matriculation ceremony on Saturday to formally admit a total of 5,962 fresh students to pursue various undergraduate and post-graduate programmes for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Of the number, 5,266 are undergraduates while the remaining 696 are postgraduates, representing an increase of 14 per cent over last year's admission.

Additionally, 3,076 representing 58.4 per cent of the undergraduates are males with 2,190 females, representing 41.6 per cent.

A total of 447 post graduate male students, representing 64.08 per cent and 249 female students, representing 32.6 per cent also matriculated.

The vice-chancellor said the university was not only committed to training students in academic work but also in character so that upon completion they would become responsible citizens capable of contributing meaningfully to the development of the nation in a patriotic and result-oriented manner.

He stressed that students found culpable of such behaviours would be dealt with strictly in accordance with the rules and regulations of the university, adding that “the university will not hesitate to send home anyone who goes contrary to its rules and regulations”.

“You have come to this institution to study and obtain a degree and it is not our desire to send any of you home without achieving this dream,” he said.

“Our hope is to imbibe the virtues of self-discipline, self-care, good mode of dressing, fidelity to your studies and work and general comportment before you graduate from this university,” he added.

Prof. Ghartey Ampiah emphasised that the rules and regulations of the university were not for the purposes of punishing students but to bring order and harmony for the university to function effectively.

He advised the students to observe personal safety precautions, adhere strictly to rules and regulations in the students’ handbook as well as the new traffic regulations and pay attention to their academic work.


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