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01.10.2018 Feature Article

Everybody Will Call Jesus Lord One Day

Everybody Will Call Jesus Lord One Day
LISTEN OCT 1, 2018

Mounted a bus going to Adenta a suburb in Greater Accra and stood up as I beckoned the mate of the buss to please do me good to preach the gospel to God’s people in the trotro(bus) as my custom was, he pridefully and arrogantly permitted me. As I stood to preach at very gaze of the people in the buss to my amazement was seated a terrific rascal I shared my last beer bottle with before I was consumed with this seeking and saving the lost fanatism. He castigated my zealotry by taking me videos and pictures whiles preaching (Its funny right?). When I got to the office after leading the souls in the bus to Christ, he sent me the videos and pictures and added: “Shaker, you of all people! what happened to you, so you have been brain washed to follow this scam they call Jesus”. Hmmm.

Well, inasmuch as I was miffed and wounded for such derogatory words from a creator who just appeared in the middle of history against his ancient creator of old, I just have to maintain a sense of humor to keep his egos in check. Doused with the torrent of agony I shared both tears and cheers. Tears because I know the eternal destiny of any man who reject Jesus today and cheers because I know who ever reject Him will also call him Lord one day, the issue may only have to be with location: i.e. others will call him Lord and worship from the glaring view of heaven’s horoscope whiles others will also call him Lord from the unending torment from the lake of fire. But whatever the case, Jesus will still be called Lord because that’s who he is.

Guys! Truth be told, this Jesus that we keep pushing away everyday because of delay of child birth, we will still call Him Lord one day. Apostle! I don’t doubt your anointing but I am only saying that this Jesus that you have exchanged for a herbalist because of fame, finance and favorites shall still be called Lord one day. Youth! I understand, but guys, is it worth it to ignore this Jesus for any pleasure? gang rape, smoking competition, drinking competition, wayward allegiance, armed robbery, cyber-crime, prostitution, Etcetera. Even if it’s for our daily bread, because he has already said “come unto me, all that are heavily burdened and yoked and I will give you rest”. Let’s be careful, because we will still call him Lord one day. So why wait till its too late, and not call him Lord now and be save forever?

The scriptures say in Revelation one verse Seven : “Behold, He is coming with the clouds, and EVERY (not few) eye will see Him--even those who pierced Him. And ALL (not some) the tribes of the earth will mourn because of Him.

World! When Jesus comes, the occult grand master will stand before him to be judged, that Mallam who deceived us will also stand before Him, our traditional leaders will stand before Him, our religious leaders will stand before him and the owners of the drinking parlor before our houses will be judged too. Every tom, dick and hurry will be at the beck and call of Jesus Christ so why wait till that day when we can make Him our Lord and Master Jesus today.

We have (including Christians) been deceived that Eternity is a mirage and all sort of psychosomatic theology. Who told us this? Now watch this: All the founders of our traditions and religions died and never came back to life anymore, right? Fine. But Jesus gave out his life and resurrected on the third day and he lives forever more, right? Good. Question: if you are travelling on an unfamiliar path and you come across dead people on a Junction of Destiny, among the dead folks at the junction, you realized not everyone died but one of them was alive. Please be sincere with yourself, among these men who will you ask for direction? The dead or the living? I live you with the decision to take.

The good news is: who ever call upon Him now shall be saved! Whether you are a prostitute, a stripper, an armed robber, a gangster, a prideful sinner, an arrogant thief, a false prophet who have just realized how foolish you have perverted the love of God, a lustful youth, a drunkard, a mallam, a fetish priest, etc. Whoever call upon this name Jesus Christ shall be saved. Personality is immaterial to salvation. Sister, brother please Call. Call Now! Call Now!!

PRAYER: Lord Jesus! Be at the center of my Decision and be the Lord of my life now that I have breath. Thank you, In Jesus’ Name. Amen

R. Duafah [email protected] (SPIRIT RAIN NETWORK)

Richmond Duafah
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