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01.10.2018 Feature Article

Men Of The Secret Place

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It was strange scene that morning in the cotton factory in New York- The looms and spinning mules had gone silent replaced by groaning, morning and cries from these innocent factory workers. Many prostrate on the ground with a thud on the floor with a massive crowd in that expansive building. Why are the factory all of a sudden feeling guilty of sins they have not yet committed when no one has preached to them? Why the tears and agony all around? What actually caused this brouhaha, wont the CEO of the factory be agitated and out of that render all these emotional employees redundant? What is happening? To our surprise this spiritual child of the second awakening called Charles Grandison Finney is in town and he wasn’t preaching. He was only taking a stroll near the facility and then sinners couldn’t stand the atmosphere he carried. Hmmmm. Men of the secret place indeed. This presence caused the CEO to tell the workers to turn off the factory Mill and give this man of God attention, why? He said it is better for our souls to be save than have the factory run.

It was said about this strange evangelist called D.L Moody that no one got born again under his crusade and ever backslidden again. The taste for anything tagged ‘sin and unrighteousness’ literally leaves the new convert and never comes back. D.L Moody hold crusades and whiles preaching hell fire literally appears to any man who is not born again and from that moment before he even does alter call for the salvation of souls the alter is already full with souls. These are men of the secret place, not plenty talking. Today what do we see? “When we are shout In the name of Jesus! Receive your blessings, even sinners respond: I receive it, without any guilt of sin and they still go home with no iota of guilt and penance”. Guys! Men of the secret don’t have the habit of prayer, they have the spirit of prayer. Men of secret don’t wait on the church to organize a retreat they already have their retreat center with God.

I read about a Catholic monk who were building their church and they wanted to put a wood on the zinc and the wood was short, this monk just mention the names of Jesus and pulled the wood until it got to the length sufficient enough for the completion of the task, there was no time to go and get another size of wood. These guys walk in the realm of possibilities and impervious realms. They were not careful to answer any man because they were men of the secret place. Look at John the Baptist- multitudes including soldiers came to him and yet he told them ‘’you brood of vipers’’, and no one touched him. Why? He is a man of the secret.

Men of the secret don’t gossip! Why? They have exhausted all their words in prayer and there is none left to talk about people. Men of the secret have extreme humility because there is nothing to boast about because everything including accolades are laid bare before Jesus. These men don’t betray each other because they have been taught in the secret place that every man you see is a reflection of you, so love your neighbor as yourself. Men of the secret don’t continue to practice sin because they have learnt from the secret place that you can’t be in sin and try saving sinners, hence separate yourself and be sanctified and become a vessel of honor. Men of the secret possess an intercessory and supplication spirit, they have the burden of lost souls at heart. Men of the secret are men of prayer, intercession and supplication

These are the men who will host God in this end-times. Yearn to be a man or a woman of the secret.

PRAYER: Lord! Revive me and make me a vessel of the secret place. In Jesus’ name.

R. Duafah
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