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18.10.2005 Regional News

Omanhene warns subjects on obsolete customs

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Banda-Ahenkro (B/A), Oct. 18, GNA - Okakyeredom Kwadwo Sito I, Omanhene of Banda Traditional Area in Brong-Ahafo has urged his people to adhere to programmes initiated to expunge obnoxious traditional and customary practices in the area.

He said traditional and customary norms, which were once considered to be useful practices were inimical to human rights in modern times. The Omanhene was speaking at the end of a weeklong "Fodwoo Yam Festival" of the chiefs and people of the area at Banda-Ahenkro. Okokyeredom Sito asked the people to refrain from inimical practices, such as female genital mutilation (FGM), widowhood rites and other negative practices.

He asked the people to take keen interest in new customary laws being initiated in the area, warning that anyone, who would violate any of the laws, would not be spared.

Speaking in an interview with Ghana News Agency later, Mr Vasco Kwabena Manje, Coordinator and Madam Afra Bediako, Assistant Women's Coordinator, both of Nafaanra Literacy Project, said the project, in collaboration with IBIS Ghana, an NGO, started a programme towards the total eradication of FGM and widowhood rites in the area. Mr Manje and Madam Bediako said the FGM would be transformed into a female-child initiation rite, in which girls on attaining the puberty age, would be taught traditional catering and marriage norms before being initiated into womanhood.

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