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September 14, 2018 | Feature Article

Christ's Captives

Behold Hitler and his accomplice, how they sought to escape degradation and disgrace by suicide or any other means, rather than suffer public exposure. Paul glories in reproach for Christ, rejoices that he is counted worthy to suffer shame for the Name. Did Christ suffer an infamous and ignominious departure? That foul indignity of the cross. He is dignified in indignity. This brings us to consider that those who triumph must first be triumphed over. Those who conquer must themselves first be conquered. The Savior can only save us by subduing us (Maxwell, Abandon to Christ).

A story of two identical twins; one was absolutely pessimistic. The other was very optimistic. They wanted to do a psychological test on them in order to find out why both of them are entirely different. So, they put the one who was a pessimist in a room full of bright lights and toys. This boy began to cry, so the psychologist went into the room and asked him why are you crying? He said, I am crying because I think somebody will come and steal all my toys. He also said, I don’t have anybody to play with. They put the other twin brother with a shovel beside him. The boy picked up the shovel and began to shovel the manure. The people went to his room and asked him why are you happily shoveling the manure? He said to them, because there must be a horse underneath in the manure. People with an optimistic perspective can make the best out of a bad situation.
Kennedy Adarkwa
Kennedy Adarkwa

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quot-img-1no goodness is better than kindess, those who build their fortunes on the misfortunes of others are never and shall never be successful.

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