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Sep 11, 2018 | Press Release

NDC Holland Congratulates Newly Elected Regional Executives

By NDC Holland
NDC Holland Congratulates Newly Elected Regional Executives

Our party went to Regional Party Conference in various locations on 1 September 2018 after which our Regional Executives were elected. Our democracy cannot survive without people like you willing to stick your necks out and run for offices. You had the courage to do it, and we say “bravo”. Our Regional Executives are the pillars and backbone of the party upon which a formidable platform can be built to wrestle power from NPP in both the parliamentary and the presidency in 2020. Congratulations on your undoubtedly well-deserved election, or re-election. On behalf of NDC Holland Chapter, please accept our sincerest congratulations on your success in the recent election. We appreciate your hard work and commitment to serving your party.

We also want to congratulate every contestant who did not win, but we believe the party has won for all of us, and the chances are so great for you in our next election. Our thanks also go to the Regional Delegates who exercised their franchise to election their leaders. Similarly, our thanks go to party members, foot soldiers and National Executives whose dedication saw the party having smooth election and transition. We thank each one of you for being an important and an all-too-regularly unsung heroes in our political process. Finally, we thank the Electoral Commission for conducting and supervising this election.

Now it is time to unite as one great party and look toward the next General Election in 2020. In strengthening our democracy and transparency, the great Akatamanso party is going to congress on 7 December 2018 to select our National Executives who will lead the party for the next four years. At the same congress, delegates will select our Flagbearer who will lead the party to wrestle power from corrupt NPP-led government. Internal party primaries are an enormous asset for democracy, because the competition will strengthen our party system considerably. On this note therefore, we wish all candidates vying for national leadership and flagbearship positions success in their endeavor.

Internal democracy in a political party is characterized by transparent, accountable and inclusive rules, organizational structures and processes. When properly adhered to, bring very real benefits to parties on the ground. Parties structured around these principles typically attract a broader base of talent which can be positioned to run more effective and dynamic campaigns during the general election. We as Social Democratic Party believe in the equality and the egalitarian treatment of all persons, irrespective of their social, cultural, tribal, educational and religious background. The rule states that in order to be accepted as a candidate by the delegates, candidates must affirmatively demonstrate that they are faithful to the interests, welfare and success of the party and the people of Ghana. We expect candidates who have qualities such as vision, integrity, courage, understanding, the power of articulation, and profundity of character.

NDC Holland holds the view that internal democracy or internal party selection should be seen as a basic structural feature of a political party. However, we disagree with campaigns that riddle with factionalism, internal division, witch-hunting, bad-mouthing and down-right intolerance to criticism. We also believe that impetuous and adversarial have the possibilities to leadership wrangle which will in turn open a floodgate of war of words. As a rule of thumb, a good political campaign message directly plays with the voters’ perception and helps them choose which candidate to vote for. The way to do so is to appeal to core human values such as socio-economic development, good healthcare, the environment, better educational system and jobs creation, which at the end will benefit party followers and Ghanaian people. A clear and unambiguous messages are the way forward, rather than personal attacks and insults or unnecessarily derogatory remarks. We, NDC Holland, publicly denounce missteps or character flaws with similar disdain. Conventional wisdom holds that the public dislikes campaigns for their negativity and superficiality. Ghanaians prefer a cleaner, substantive, and more deliberative process.

Let us all rally behind a marketable Flagbearer who has impeccable records in public service and has the potent to attract floating voters. Let us support someone who can wrestle power from Nana Addo’s NPP-led government who is running Ghana like Animal Farm and turning upside down all the good things NDC left over. Let us also not allow NPP to infiltrate into our internal elections.

In conclusion, let us adhere to the policy of probity, accountability and transparency.

God Bless Ghana,
Ghana Bless NDC
Eye Zu, Eye Za
Lewis Kwame Addo
NDC Holland Chapter

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