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15.10.2005 General News

Bagbin Bets NDC’s Return In 2008

By Chronicle
Bagbin Bets NDC’s Return In 2008
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Despite the internal wrangling between the said Rawlings and Obed factions in the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), the Minority Leader in Parliament, Alban Kingsford Sumani Bagbin has sure betted the party's chances in winning the 2008 general elections.

According to him, it is increasingly clear that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration cannot govern the country effectively since it has virtually fallen short of its much-touted good governance and zero tolerance for corruption.

He said there is no way the NDC would lose the reigns of power for the third time since Ghanaians have tasted and tested what it takes to be under the NPP government, which is but a bundle of lots of unfulfilled promises. This, he said, is evident in the fact that the economy has been declining gradually since the NPP assumed office in the year 2000, taking into consideration the country's sprawling place on the international ratings of human development, corruption and its related issues.

He said most Ghanaians have realized their mistake in voting for the NPP, and are calling for the return of the NDC. Mr Bagbin said the achievements of the NDC, far outweighs that of the NPP, which according to him, have taken the country back.

On the internal wrangling in the party, which analysts see as a potential to breaking up the leadership front, the minority leaders said the interest of the party supercedes that of any individual's parochial interest since a party can never be built on individual and personality lines but numbers.

The minority leader, who is not enthused with the current happenings in the party, called on members to close their ranks to foster a formidable NDC capable of whisking away the seat of government from its all-time sworn political archrivals of the NPP.

He said it was unpleasant to have key personalities such as former President Rawlings who doubles as the founder of the party and Dr Obed Asamoah, who do not play mean roles but are cardinal figures commanding a lot of support and respect from their respective followers, to be exchanging invectives.

“It is not only disgusting but also unhealthy to hear some of these things going on when we are girding our loins to whisk away the seat from our opponents; it would rather be helpful for us to commit our energies and resources to fortifying the structures of the party towards the much awaited victory in 2008,” he said.

To him, the entrenchment of factionalism as some sought to do should be totally discouraged and rather focus on building a formidable party capable of forming the next government. He disclosed that the difference between what has come to be known as the 'Rawlings and Obed factions' has nothing to do with beliefs, principles, norms or values but rather individual differences which had long existed when both individuals worked in government.

He said the relationship between the Dr Asamoah and former president Rawlings is not as sore as presented in sections of the media. “Except that some of your own people seem and always seek to escalate things to a threatening height when indeed there is no cause to worry about,” he said.

He admitted that the fracas had affected the rank and file of the party since it had reduced the vitality and vibrancy of its numerous supporters, most of whom were watching in despair. The minority leader said ex-president Rawlings is a figure that cannot be relegated to the background as people sought to suggest, considering his crowd- pulling charisma.

He was however quick to add that in as much he was a cardinal point on whom the party's fortunes somehow revolved; it should not be misconstrued that without him, the party's members of parliament and for that matter, the party cannot win elections as was being speculated.