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A Tribute To Mr Kofi Annan

Kofi -Farewell Anon!!
A Tribute To Mr Kofi Annan
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No dew to behold on the green each single day since he did part, truest son of Africa

For each blade of grass but holds a tear, turning to each other in mourning, bewailing his demise

Culled from us early and soon, the great pillar and mouthpiece for the trodden, forgotten, and missed.

Weaver of peace, mender of souls, son of Wagadou, prince of Kumbi Saleh, citizen of the world web

Let each African firefly light his torch, retelling his story from the Cape Verde to the sandy Maghreb

The giraffes of Masailand stand sniff-necked in grief, the hippos of the Nile stop half-bathed and mourn.

While the Botswana land elephants trumpet in commiseration, the savannah cranes cease their dance

Oh, cry Africa! Let tear rivers flow for the gallant son that flew our name aloft in lands afar, he soared!

Our hearts are now heavy and scalded in pain, our dirges shake the sturdy Kilimanjaro off its feet, apart!

Our drums thunder over the canopies of the congo forests in one primodial blust- our brother departs

He was eloquent on our part and dressed us with pride, he lent such inspirational force in humble words

You lent the world a thread to piece its cracks, listened and intoned the musings for the future world

Your richly-textured oratories gave hope, challenged where we abased low, and we were never scarred.

Son of the African bosom, blown over the Sahel to your creator, listen to our threnody below the skies.

What remains our verdict in this tangled tale of loss, are we rich enough to buy back your past for use?

Like roosters your deeds will return to perch, your wisdom like the African beat will reign as we wail.

Lion of the Gold Land, you nailed our hue upon the sail, never to be reabsorbed into the jungle no more

You washed our contagion of self-pity away, we buoyed with you, our African pride all over our mantles

Khufu of modern Giza, Ruler of Monomotapa, Prince of Dahomey, Son of Accra, Umuntu W’Ubuntu!

You whispered our African strength and wisdom into the complex corpus of the UNO, knew when to.

Great artist of the land you danced the African Zumba to the steel cold Western bureaucracies and lived.

Kofi, join the African Pantheon of heroes, never will you cease to deserve this highest appellation.

Rejoice Africa and for the world, for a life well lived, for this incomparable son of our land deserves all

Ruling with easy wisdom and gently style, traveling the lands and bearing love, he lives on, and as whole

Africa, sit not but celebrate his chivalrous enthusiasm for life, invite all the drummers from all corners

Reawake, awake Shaka Zulu, return here Mansa Musa, all the great leaders of Ghana, of Africa rejoice!

Let Sheba and his Solomon relive and note, for here is an African worth the sojourn to behold, in voice.

Let the horsemen of Córdoba blow their horns, while the warriors of the Sudan throng in dance

See the graceful ethiope twirl in unison, and the Somalia youths break up in the beautiful dhaanto today

Enjoy the Acholi bwola dance and join the Moroccan belly dancer on stage, see the Kalahari jigs for days

Break the cola nut, pour our palm wine, and feast. African goes with you Kofi with thankfulness and love

Africa awakes with you today, Africa is reborn with you still, Kofi farewell Anon!!