Awhe Fundraiser Dinner Help Restore Dignity To Expectant Mother In Malawi

By African Women Honors
Malawi Awhe Fundraiser Dinner Help Restore Dignity To Expectant Mother In Malawi

Saturday September 1st 2018 marked a remarkable outpouring of love and contributions by several donors and stakeholders at the African Women Honors & Empowerment Fundraiser for beds and BP machines needed at the Bwaila maternity ward. The vision is to help this clinic to better cater to expectant mothers and their newborns, by making motherhood safer, knowing this is not only the responsibility of the government but a shared responsibility of society. It was a very colourful evening affair with everyone looking so gorgeous, prestigious and beautiful in a well decorate banquet at the Sunbird Capital Hotel.

The Minister of health, Honourable Atupele Muluzi was in attendance to support this initiative. During his speech, Honourable Muluzi said "the government is working tirelessly to provide necessary equipment for the growing numbers of mothers who are now accessing maternity services, the ministry find it impressive to have partners who are willing to support the cause"

At the fundraiser, the Principal Secretary from the Ministry of Health, Dr Dan Namalika said "Bwaila hospital is one busiest maternity facility in the country as it caters for all surrounding health centres in Lilongwe and nearby districts. The maternity unit is also said to be one old wing with a minimal bed capacity to cater for the growing population. It only has one theatre despite its busy operations. Government is working to construct a theatre and have a resident Doctor at Area 25, Kawale, Kabudula and others to try to ease congestion at Bwaila.

An official from the Lilongwe Asian Business Community, Mr Razak Kassam pledge the support of the Association's support current and future that programs at the African women honors and empowerment in Malawi.

According to the medical facility authorities "Bwaila labour ward produces 50 babies a day. Sometimes we reach 70 babies. In Labour ward we have 12 beds not enough for the deliveries. As for the whole maternity unit thats antenatal, labour ward postnatal nursery ward there are 250 beds in total.

We greatly grateful to the support provided by Sunbird Capital Hotel, Lilongwe Asian Business Community, EGENCO Malawi, Aim Foundation, CDH Bank, Cockpit Malawi Brand Consult Inc., Beata Holdings, and New Heights Commercial. Special performance by Lulu and Sangie. The MC Ruth Chikoleka was very professional and engaging.

The African Women Honors & Empowerment is an initiative of the Diversity Advancement Network. The Diversity Advancement Network has served several communities in Canada with signature activities such as the Black National Summit, Black Women Awards, Black Business Awards, Black Canadian Awards, Black Canadian Business Summit, Black Mayoral Forum and much more.

AWHE was initially set-up in Lagos Nigeria, then Ghana, Cameroon, Namibia, Benin Republic, SA and a few other African and Caribbean countries. Our doors are opened to any information to further incorporate like-minds into this initiative. More information on how to support this initiative will be made available on or reach us via 0999918615 or 0993632102

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