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12.10.2005 NPP News

NPP Chairmanship Race, How Interesting!

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Talk of political campaign of acrimony, and one does not need too look any further than the current campaign for the chairmanship of the NPP. The current chairman, Haruna Esseku calls his fellow contestants amateurs. Ntim of the Josiah Aryeh secret recording fame, fires back by saying that Haruna Esseku is engaging in gutter politics.

Mark Manu on the other hand seems to be on the soft side of the current chairman of the party much to the chagrin of Ntim, who has been reported as dolling out money! like nobody's business and is being accused fiercely of trying to financially induce the delegates afore-hand.

Yours Truly can say without any reservation that there is an intense acrimony between these contestants. Instead of the NPP concentrating on its myriads of internal problems of which the current chairmanship “fight” is only a minute part, the party in cahoots with its media mercenaries is instead trying to paint a contrary picture of the real situation pertaining within the “elephant” fraternity. The erroneous impression is therefore created, as though, it is only the NDC that has internal problems. The least happenings within the NDC, even the most insignificant ones, are deliberately blown out of proportion by the NPP media propaganda machinery. The chaos in the NPP is however lubricated to inconspicuously appear as if the NPP is a peaceful and a democratic party. How disingenuous!

There has never been a tim! e when the NPP's contests for positions have been as peaceful and as democratic as those of the NDC. In 2001, the NPP went to congress at the University of Ghana Legon, to elect national executives. Some aggrieved contestants who prior to the D-day, were called by Mr. Kufuor to his office at the Castle, Osu and ordered to step down because he saw them as a threat to his preferred choices, went to tell their sad story to Joy FM, under conditions of strict anonymity for fear of victimisation. Was that democratic enough? Mr. Kufuor used his office to his personal gain in that instance. Apart from a strong position expressed against this undemocratic behaviour by the president by Mr. Kwesi Pratt in particular, not much has been articulated to that effect.

All eyes have seen the bloody nature of NPP's contest for positions across board. Apart from “buying” of positions, they simply do not care how many people they hack. ! The Daily Graphic recent report on the NPP Akropong constituency mayhem is a case in point. The NPP members have no qualms to even kill to attain their desired positions.

NDC's internal problems compare in no way to what exists within the NPP. If what is happening within the NPP right now regarding its campaign towards the chairmanship were to be happening within the NDC, heavens would have broken loose by now. NPP media forces of darkness would have gone to town on the rather peaceful party and drummed up to a crescendo the cacophonic tune that the “Umbrella” fraternity is burning down to ashes. What deceit and subterfuge! Hmmmmmmm!

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