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13.10.2005 General News

Blow Man MP Speaks

By Daily Guide
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THE NATIONAL Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament for Kintampo North, Hon Stephen Kunsu, has denied ever throwing a punch at the District Chief Executive (DCE) for the district, Mr. Abdul Razak, describing the situation as unfortunate.

In his explanation about what happened during his encounter with the DCE, he stated that, he was provoked when Abdul Razak described him as a 'mad man'. In a reaction to this description, he told Daily Guide that, he stood up and advanced toward the DCE, with the intention of beating his chest, and threatened him a little, but the District Co-ordinating Director, and the Presiding Member of the Assembly, he pointed out, stood between them and intervened.

The MP claimed that, he was not, in anyway going to throw any blow at the DCE, since by nature, he is not the violent type.

He, therefore, described as misleading, media reports which suggested that he threw three hefty blows at the DCE, who managed to dodge the punches while he the MP landed flat on the floor.

He made the explanation to Daily Guide, in a telephone interview on Tuesday. According to him he had submitted about ten memos on his share of the MPs' Common Fund to the DCE, for endorsement.

Each time he went to the DCE, to find out about the status of the memos he was told that, he was working on them.

He said, he travelled from Accra to Kintampo, on five occasions, on this subject at his own expense.

Hon Kunsu noted that, one day when the two of them met at a funeral the DCE assured him that, he had finished signing the memos. As a result, he followed up to take the memos only to be told by the DCE that he had signed his portion, and handed it over to the Co-ordinator, to sign his part.

He indicated that, from there, he went to the Co-ordinating Director, where he learnt that the memos had not been received. The MP mentioned that, it was after this he invited the Presiding Member to the DCE's office, to demand explanation as to why the DCE was tossing him up and down.

At this juncture, the DCE claimed that, he had detected some mistakes in some of the memos.

Asked to bring those that were not faulty, the DCE claimed that, he could not trace them, the MP said.

At this stage he became worried over the delay, because some poor parents who were seeking assistance from him, to see their wards through school, had their requests included in the memos, with the DCE.

Hon Kunsu indicated that, when he realised that, the DCE was not being straight forward with him, he sought to advise him on the importance of assisting others, because according to him, he too, benefited from such a facility. According to the MP, after making these remarks, the DCE told him that he was talking like a mad man.

He said, at this stage, he rose from his seat, and advanced towards the DCE, to ask him if he was actually addressing him.

The MP said, as he walked towards the DCE, he (the DCE) too approached him for a showdown.

The Presiding Member and the District Co-ordinating Director, suspecting what was about to unfold, stood between them. According to media reports the DCE was sent to another office while they calmed downed the MP.

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