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25.08.2018 Feature Article

The people, the people…and not the Leaders

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“Kwame!” his voice was firm, yet soft and tender. The sound of understanding was coming out of him.

No sign; no stone moved.
“Kwame…Kwame…come out!”
The white marble stone covering the grave outside the eyes of tourists in his village he once was born into, laid heavily on him. From far his spirit was hearing a voice coming from above. It was him like he knew the voice, was close to him. A voice like a father, yet an authority far above him.

“Kwame…your time of resting in peace is over…I need to talk to you.”

Slowly the marble stone was pushed aside from underneath. A tired face appeared. His bones were not rotten yet. His flesh had disappeared, only dried skin was to be seen. Sharp eyes looked around the place made for him to sleep.

He saw a white shining figure standing before the bright sun with tender face and smile asking:” Is it you I think of?”

“Yes, Kwame…it is I,” looked Jesus Christ at his Man assigned to liberate the whole of Africa starting in Ghana his motherland. “You have not finished your assignment…wake up and rise to your destiny.”

“But I am dead and gone,” explained Doctor Kwame Nkrumah himself.

“A man my heavenly Father has assigned to greater works is never dead…even in his grave his spirit is still working,” replied Jesus Christ bending down to him. He looked Kwame in his eyes and added: “There is still so much life in you. GOD has a great plan for his people in Africa, especially for you Ghanaians…don´t you know?”

“My own people with the help of the American CIA took my life. My own people overthrew me and abandoned me.”

“What did the people around me… while walking on earth…did to me?” Jesus Christ asked stretching out his hand to Kwame that lifted up his head, than his body to sit upright before his Master.

“My people always look up to their Leaders, their Presidents, wanting them to know how best to govern their people…but the Leaders do not care and the people do not understand,” did Kwame summoned his experience from years past so fast. “I realize, our Independence came too early, too hasty, with no learning period. Our lives were in times to obey Kings and follow their orders, than the Colonial Masters gave us orders and we followed them. To be free people…we never knew…nobody was ever teaching us what to do right once free. Stupid as we were we kicked out all foreigners and Busia had plunged Ghana into misery. The White Man went through generations to learn Democracy…we had to perform on it overnight…a blue print to fail. J.J. Rawlings with Scottish blood in him took control of my people by force and straightened out some serious mistakes in our character and rulings. His mistake was to agree with the 1992 Constitution that in itself is full of mistakes as he was giving in into outside pressure. Democracy for now is not for Africa, it is the constitutional right of us Leaders to rob our countries of their national assets.”

“My Father is very concerned about his chosen people that had departed from their path,” did Jesus Christ share with Kwame that has holding his hands like a little child is asking his father for forgiveness. “You have seriously disappointed him…my son!”

“I know Jesus…we all in Ghana…and we all in Africa have failed you and our Lord in heaven to whom you explain always our disaster caused by our own rotten mind. For this reason we worship you like no other people on earth and ask you to enlighten our Leaders to do the right things and make us great and strong.”

“Don´t you see…Kwame…the country of Ghana is not the country of the Leaders…it is the country of the people of Ghana…only they can change their own destiny. Wake up and do not blind yourself…the people, the people…and not the Leaders.”

Kwame was taking a deep breath looking down to the end of his coffin saying:” I have much time to think down here in the darkness where nobody comes to disturb me. I often think of your child Alexander, people call him The Great. When he came during his crusade into the city of Gordon he saw people for generations trapped in their misery. With courage he took his sword, cut the knot in half that had kept the people of Gordon in darkness and solved a problem. As the old saying goes, the Prophet never counts in his own land and history never repeats itself but always come back in different forms….”

“Kwame…you are telling me…I should go back to my Father, sit at his right side, explain to him how you black people live here in all of Africa and ask him to bring an outsider that is powerful to brake the knot and set you free?”

Kwame was feeling pain in his neck, asked Jesus Christ to lay back straight in the coffin for comfort and good rest in peace: “If only my people will listen to him and act on his word…they will set themselves free from their own self-inflicted misery and rise up to rule the world. But…,” did he close his eyes with his fingers touching the stone above him to close his grave again,” only when the people…not the Leaders…understand it, embrace it and change their countries from the bottom to the top. When they do not use the natural resources the next sixty to eighty years wisely before they are gone, their time window to success, they better join me deep down here and rest in peace.”

Kwame was covered again leaving Jesus Christ behind thinking and thinking…how best to let GOD know about his people.

Karl-Heinz Heerde
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