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11.10.2005 Diaspora (USA)

NAA Having Strong Presence In Ghanaian Community In USA

By Mr. CNN
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Gone are the days when residents of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia, Delware and other surrounding cities did not have a choice when it comes to going home to Ghana and need to book an air ticket. Since the demise of Ghana Airways, national airline, Ghanaians have endured the pain of spending too much money to fly to Ghana and coupled with stopping over or in transit at other countries. When o! ne takes an airline and stops in Amsterdam, it is either a 3 hour wait or a 6 hour wait. Some also have to wait for an hour or more in UK.

With the emergence of North American Airlines (NAA), some in the community who have flown to Ghana direct via NAA have given good reviews about their services. Mr. John Osei from Philadelphia recently lost his dear mother in Ghana and so he decided to go home for the final funeral arrangements. Upon his return, he mentioned that he was happy that he used NAA as direct flight and the journey was smooth coupled with excellent service. He also mentioned that another friend who had just returned from Ghana offered similar remarks.

North America Airlines during their meeting with community leaders in New York, was made aware that the community have long been used and abused and that they should not been taken for granted. Because of their commitment to the community, the representatives of North American Airlines attends Ghanaian events when invited in an effort to get connected with the community thereby building a solid relationship.

They are indeed having a strong presence; in Ghana, they became part of Panafest, as the official airline, representatives have been seen at funerals in New York and New Jersey, the big NY picnic, COGA (Council of Ghanaian Associations, Washington Metro) picnic and at the huge CEANA convention also which happened in Washington in September 3-4. NAA sponsored the two events and their representative spent an entire weekend as part of the event, from the beginning till the end.

At the recent NCOGA NY picnic, North American Airlines set up a booth to distribute flyers, T. Shirts and other giveaways. Mr. Peter Bogovich, Vice President of Sales offered his company's full commitment to support the Ghanaian community in any event they are invited any time. The company has demonstrated that they mean business and they want to make sure the Ghanaian traveler has an enjoyable flight back home to Ghana to see loved ones.

Some of the major airlines which Ghanaians use to fly to go home had not made their presence known in the community and thereby becoming community related. They have given the impression that they have taken advantage of Ghana Airways's demise. There was a time when many Ghanaians didn't have a choice but with North American Airlines's scheduled direct flight to Ghana, some Ghanaians now have a choice on which airline to take going home.

North American Airlines continues to offer excellent service to the community, their execellent customer service is what drives travelers who had a pleasant flight to spread the word about their total commitment to customer service. Additionally, NCOGA in conjuction with NAA is presenting an open forum on travel related concerns at Lehman College in the Bronx on Saturday, October 29th from 4PM to 8PM. For further details please visit their web site at

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