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Aug 23, 2018 | Weird News

Girl, 3, Fires 1,111 Arrows In A Row To Set Guinness Record

Girl, 3, Fires 1,111 Arrows In A Row To Set Guinness Record

A 3-year-old girl fired off 1,111 arrows in three and a half hours in a bid to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

The girl, identified as P Sanjana, fired the 1,111 arrows at a target located about 26 feet away and struck the target with most of her shots during the three and a half hour period.

"I am happy. I've no pain and I'm not tired. My dream is to win a gold in Olympics," the toddler told NDTV.

Her coach, Shihan Hussaini, said the girl took five-minute breaks every hour.

"When her parents brought Sanjana, I could instantly feel the fire in her. I knew there was a child prodigy in the making," Hussaini told India Today.

He said the girl is on track to achieve her dream of Olympic glory.

"It was her willpower, stamina and focus that made the feat possible. There's no doubt she can be an Olympian. The state and central governments should give her the best of the facilities," he said.

Sanjana's parents said she showed an early interest in archery and has been practicing every day after preschool.

The South Asia Archery Association observed Sanjana's record attempt and is submitting documentation from the event to Guinness World Records.

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