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Opinion | Aug 21, 2018

Ghana's National Anthem Needs Remix

Ghana's National Anthem Needs Remix

Blacks have the tendency to pray to GOD and ask him for their salvation not understanding that GOD has to do his part, man his own part of the covenant in his blood.

Current National Anthem of the Republic of Ghana is crying out to GOD to make the country “great and strong” not understanding, that GOD had long time, even before the founding of the Republic of Ghana, done his part and equipped the people with all they need to be a great and strong Nation among Nations by designing Ghana as the country of milk and honey. While GOD has done his part, the people of Ghana have not accomplished their part yet. A changed mind is all it takes for the good people of Ghana to not only life in the Promised Land, but to benefit from GOD´s creation to achieve and reach their destiny GOD has set before them.

The Bible is teaching us, GOD knows us before we even were born; this applies to Nations accordingly. But we must understand it, accept it and direct our path accordingly to his Kingdom.

Like the Israelites were taken out from slavery of Egypt`s Pharaoh walking towards the Promised Land, their mindset was not renewed for which reason they had to walk around the Promised Land for 40 good years during which time many people died and never were set free.

Israel and its people are the chosen people from GOD in a limited territory only as they never reached out beyond their given borders which makes them “GOD`s Lighthouse” to shine into the world, being the Stuarts of the sites Jesus Christ was walking about and on, keeping up the remembrance of his miracles performed. Their influence on Human development is limited to this calling.

Ghana, on the other hand, had been assigned by GOD to be his “Powerhouse” for which reason he had created it as the Land of Milk and Honey.

The Asantehene (or Otumfo or Ashanti King) once had been the Ruler of the Ashanti Empire stretching out into most parts of West Africa.

When his Sub-Chiefs (Nanas) had wanted to liberate themselves from the overall powerful influence of the Asantehene, which wealth and influence was based on GOLD, the started to withheld GOLD found on their immediate land and no longer shared the wealth of the land with the Asantehene. To sustain his power and influence he had taken to another source of income, Slaves. The Whites were in need for cheap labour for which reason he had sent out his troops to capture his own Blacks, bring it to the shores of Ghana to sell to the Whites waiting with their ships to bring them to the New World.

Not only this moment of history is a testimony for the fact that from all African countries, especially among Blacks, Ghanaians travel the world and can be found in Europe, USA, South America and other places in their numbers. It is in the blood of Ghanaians to seek for Visas to travel while other Nations stay at home; only when they are forced to look for greener pastures outside their motherland they move.

It makes this specific spirit of the Ghanaians so unique and is a clear indication of their destiny, to lead Africa and make Africa “great and strong” which in the end will make them the Ruler of the world. This Leadership is not designed by force as Ghanaians are the most peaceful people in all of Africa, it is a calling and assignment to lead by example and formulate the new concept of Humanity, by linking up with the good ways of the past and look beyond the borders of tomorrow.

It is only on the Ghanaians themselves to liberalize themselves once they understand to play and fulfill their part of the covenant they have with GOD to be the great Nation he sees in them and to be “great and strong”.

Please Ghana, we beg of you….remix your National Anthem and perform on the new words to be written and sang…thank you.

Karl-Heinz Heerde
Karl-Heinz Heerde, © 2018

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