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15.08.2018 Feature Article

The African Pride And Arrogance: Do You Know Who I Am?

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"One of the great problems of mankind is that we suffer from poverty of the spirit which stands in glaring contrast to our scientific and technological abundance. The richer we have become materially, the poorer we have become morally and spiritually".

Fantastic thought from Martin Luther King Jnr. By inference, you cannot be rich in all aspects of life. You may think you are better than me in materialism but I may be better than you in emotional stability which is a product of moral growth. The difference would be seen in numerous perspectives if we are curious to know. It is sad that many people have a limited understanding about riches, and feed on the limitation so much that we are all compelled indirectly to have an induced understanding of who is better than the other. In the theologian perspective, god has fairly distributed to us, the talents and strengths needed to form a very formidable society ruled by our diversity of strengths. This fundamental analogy of mine rests on the much cherished principle of equity, fairness and justice which we seen to preach more than we practice.

For me, we are all equal. No amount of discrimination, disrespect, sideline and sabotage can change the very reason of our existence. There is link between our physical and moral being and by transcendental demands, one must move on the transition lines. To be in different positions at a time is not enough a justification to pontificate your superiority. Every individual has to go through those transition lines. It is a natural right. This is why those who assume leadership/power must know that, their relevance is shear vanity if they do not regard others. You cannot be rich in the absence of the poor, you cannot become a power leader in a vacuum with subjects and you cannot become poor when they are no rich. Every situation is a springboard to the other, which is used as comparison. I call it social structures of mankind. Each slot must be occupied and have its relevance. Juxtapose that structure in our Political, social, economic and academic lives and you would appreciate that every stage is as important as the other. The powerful capitalists who are already rich still build factories to produce basic necessities to the majority poor to make profit. That is the fundamental relation of equality of relevance.

So, if in one way on the other, we appreciate the principle of equity, then why do people assume to better than others? It has become so common that people at the work place, church, and even in family want to proudly assume a certain artificial superior positions. The question of do you know who I am? is an oral ritual by boastful individuals who are privileged to play certain essential roles for society. They abuse the authority given to them by undermining our fundamental principles. They think that society must see them differently because they are some special people with special laws. The do whatever possible to ensure that they protect that bragging right. That is just our fundamental problem that manifests in sociopolitical domains.

It is indisputable that politicians do whatever possible under the sun to protect their own interest. Instead of taking pragmatic steps that can better the lot, they take steps that can protect their political dominance and personal aggrandizement. They come at the back of deception into political power and after succeeding; they professionalize the lies and make them too sophisticated to understand. The few that understand cannot question them. When you dare question them, you are asked two common questions: who are you? Do you know who I am?

I admonished all readers to ponder deeply over/ about human relations and your impact others in your quest if any, to contribute to the progress of society.

I have found myself in a philosophical realm today not because I have turned to be a preacher but an advocate for social justice and equity. The preachers have failed us over the years. They preach too much prosperity gospels and see none of the social injustices, the economic deprivation, the political discrimination, the cultural extinction, the extreme personal interest against national interest. Yes!! The preachers align themselves with those in the corridor of political power, and are being used to manipulate the unsuspecting masses in tainted cloths, endlessly praying for miracles and wonders. The abuse is hidden but deep. The prophecies come in thousands and are obviously like intelligent predictions. Who cannot make hypothetical statements under certain conditions? Men of God are the only people who see such predictions as prophecies. What has happened to critical thinking then?

It is not surprising that we always complain of poverty in Africa and continue to blame our leaders. We have created a society of greed, fame and tyranny and we have no reason to blame the other. Start to blame me if am not in the parenthesis because I will certainly deny a greedy foolish rich man my knowledge and wisdom if I have any.

Certainly we can't win the fight against poverty any time soon. We churn figures of economic figures cooked in a single corner of an office and say that the people are living an improved life. If you dare question, you are asked, do you know who I am? The economic thieves will quiz you and cast slurs on your intelligence, ridicule your certificates, speak jargons and those who are even vulnerable to the ailing economy, would cheer them up!!! That is how far we have come. Your relevance is undermined, your intelligence questioned and your conscience tricked because you are not where they are. Empty pride!!!

No leader can develop Africa until we change our attitude. Attitude fueled by extreme partisanship, deliberately planted in the minds of many through political largesse. That is why when some Professors talk; you see nothing but emptiness because the common sense in them is replaced with "common science" which politicians use to manipulate them.

We need more radical mental revolution than we need policies to develop our continent.

Shall be back.. Denis Andaban. [email protected] ngmen-na-eng-fanga.

Denis Andaban
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