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Opinion | Aug 13, 2018

Martin Amidu, Name Seeking Personality Or A Real Citizen Vigilante?

By Gabriel Amologu 
Martin Amidu, Special Prosecutor
Martin Amidu, Special Prosecutor

The name “Martin Amidu” in Ghana is one of the most popular names that any Ghanaian knows taking out the name of the first gentlemen of the land and that of the Vice President. The name is synonymous to Citizen Vigilante in our political landscape. This is because of the personality’s interest in vigilance of corrupt practices in the nation and his quest to prevent it as far as politics and governance are concern. It is public knowledge that Martin Amidu is an astounding and long-standing member of the National Democratic Congress and has served in public office even before now, under the NDC precisely under the late J. E. Attah Mills of blessed memory.

Fast forward, when John Mahama had taken office as the president of the Republic after the demise of J. E. Attah Mills, Martin Amidu was consistent in his critic and fight against corruption of which he hit hard on the John Mahama administration on a number of corruption allegations. One famous corruption allegation under the NDC government which Martin Amidu vehemently pointed out and was poised to retrieve the money was the GHC51.2 million judgment debt paid Woyome. Well, that was a bold decision and also was in the interest of the nation among others. This Posture by Martin and his penchant of pointing out corrupt practices which was described by some NDC bigwigs and sympathizers as hatred for Mahama, was aggressively used by the then opposition New Patriotic Party to campaign against John Mahama. This I can say is one of the vehicles the NPP rode on to come to power.

Months after the NPP assumed power before his appointment, Martin Alamisi Benz Kaiser Amidu had remained silent in his criticism of wrong doings in the current administration despite the magnitude of the allegations glaring at us on the face. Could it be that Martin expected an appointment and so his dispraise or objurgation about wrong doings could truncate his appointment?

His seemingly disgust and dislike for JM had made him found favour with the NPP and it earned him a reward with the Special Prosecutor’s office. I am deficient in the duties and responsibilities of the special Prosecutor, but I believe the reason is simple; to identify, investigate and prosecute corrupt officials of both previous and current government. This, I believe should be done irrespective of party coloration and must be carried out without fear or favour.

About seven to eight months now since the Citizen Vigilante was appointed for the non partisan and Herculean task as the office demands, one would have expected that the no-nonsense stance and campaign of Martin Amidu against corruption in the country would have been crystal clear, at least, with a number of investigations going on or individuals prosecuted to the knowledge of the general public, considering how he passionately reprobated corruption allegations during NDC’s era and his posture and how mute he has remained even with the magnitude of Corruption allegations that have hit this administration. Notable among them include; $1.375billion AMERI novation deal which is still one of the major headlines and discussions in our airwaves, KARPOWER Barge extension deal, Dubious $2.25billion KENBOND deal, $1.25billion GhanaCard /NIA deals which the President approved by Executive Order, $178m KelniGVG deal, $2.5million Ghana Post GPS deal etcetera. It was my hope that considering the weightiness of allegations of corrupt practices in the erstwhile administration and this current government, We would have seen quite a number of corrupt deals undergoing investigations for possible prosecutions but I cannot point out or remember any.

I read a news item on on 7th August 2018 with the headline “Ayariga sending pastors, chiefs to beg me not to investigate him” and I was marveled. What is the impact of this assertion on the general public? Don’t you think that the Ghanaian is interested in the final outcome and not the premature investigations? Could it be that you have failed in your job and seeking to earn the sympathy of the public to think that you are really working or perhaps, you have not made headlines in the media fraternity and wish to come to light? Well, a thorough and objective assessment of the situation might generate distinct answers.

In conclusion, It is not surprising that well meaning Ghanaians have observed that the Special Prosecutor need to beef up his duties, dealing diligently with the task entrusted to him. It is my expectations that the Special Prosecutor’s office act and strengthen public confidence in the government’s bid to minimize corruption and not what we currently seeing under this administration.

Gabriel Amologu
[email protected]

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