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04.10.2005 General News

Kwaku Baako's Ludicrous Pranks

By Lens
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Why is Kweku Baako such a liar? Why is he denying what he said on Choice FM sometime back that he had the capacity to listen to and monitor both local and foreign phone conversations of Mr. Victor Smith, and that he could show him transcripts to that effect.

Realising that he goofed big time by letting out what was supposed to be a secret, Kweku Baako in an effort to scoop the already spilled milk, now claims that he did not mean he bugged or tapped the phones of Mr. Victor Smith and his Boss, ex-President Rawlings.

He claims he has gadgets and moles in the office and residence of ex-President Rawlings who record and bring to him details of these conversations rendering it needless for him to bug the phones or intercept the phone conversations.

Kweku Baako must go tell this absurd tale to the marines. What on earth is he talking about? Conversations take place between two or more parties. There is no way anyone can record conversations of two or more people talking on the phone without actually tapping into the line or bugging the phone. No, it?s not possible!

A recording device can at best only pick up sounds being made by the person on this end of the line. The other end of the conversation cannot be picked up unless there is a bugging device. What the person at the other end of the phone says is completely lost to any person or device monitoring the conversation. Thankfully, the populace that has become increasingly more discerning saw through the empty talk and reacted appropriately by slamming the state sponsored terrorist journalism being practised by Kweku Baako and his coffee shop mafia friends.

Kweku Baako also says that he has taken it upon himself to monitor ex-President Rawlings and all those who are around him because in his view they are all potential threats to the Kufuor regime.

Who made Kweku Baako the National Security coordinator? He claims that he does not want to suffer the things he suffered under the PNDC regime again so he has assigned himself the special duty of monitoring ex-President Rawlings in and around Ghana. How very interesting. No wonder he has become such a mindless tool in the hands of the National Security. It is an open secret that National Security it was that fed Kweku Baako with those fictitious foreign bank accounts that the poor soul published in his paper claiming that they represent the monies stashed away by the Rawlingses in a Swiss account.

It is believed also that it was National Security who deceived him also that Rawlings had travelled to Switzerland at the time of the publication of those phony statements. Kweku had to later be exposed on air when evidence was brought to establish that President Rawlings was nowhere near Switzerland at the time.

Kweku?s state sponsored media terrorism has seen him acquire through the same sources confidential documents such as the asset declaration form of the former President and his ministers. Even Tony Aidoo?s private file at the University of Cape Coast where he was a lecturer for many years has been given to Kweku Baako.

It is only in Ghana, that one can find a person committing all these criminal activities and yet mount the moral high ground and make ludicrous claims that he is doing all these because others are potential subversionist of the constitutional order. Where is this nation headed?