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Opinion | Aug 8, 2018

Nigeria: A Country Of Anything Goes No Discipline No Laws

Nigeria: A Country Of Anything Goes No Discipline No Laws

Nigeria is an African country that is too big to fail. If it fails, it is not only going to overwhelm the whole of Africa, its effect would be felt across Europe and America. Yet, it does not have to get to that stage except for some criminals at the helm of that Nation. It is difficult to envisage how a man that has been found wanting as a bank looter, state looter and President of the Senate looter remains untouched.

But for a country where the enemy of my enemy is my friend, someone like Saraki would not have a single supporter having burnt bridges all around him. One has to understand why he is still standing. The President, General Buhari won an election after several tries against Goodluck Jonathan that was rejected by the same people that elected him throughout the country in the previous election.

Again, Mr. Jonathan lost an election he should have won if he had been competent and firm with his ministers. They all had a free hand and stole the country blind. They literally turned the country into a bazaar where looters were outdoing looters. Nevertheless, he had a strong backing from certain section of the country that have sworn to oppose anything Buhari does.

What most people feared most about Buhari was his dictatorial tendencies and a blind spot for his Fulani oligarchy. While he went almost overboard in trying to prove he is a democrat to appeal to western democracy, he failed to curb the destruction of lives and properties by Fulani herdsmen.

Therefore, his foes exploit his lack of firmness which he had displayed in his first coming as a military President. At the same time we all justifiably criticized him for not taking immediate action against Fulani herdsmen. The combination of these double whammies have almost paralyzed his government to the chagrin of many especially his foes. While his lack of firm and adequate action on Fulani herdsmen has diluted support for him.

What we have now with an ambitious Senate President is to violate all rules in Any Party In Power and even mixed messages to the Security Forces with one invading the National Assembly. Even worse, is where the order came from. If it is true that one of the Security Chief was arrested, we are on our way to chaos where the left hand has no clue what the right hand is doing.

The poor masses that are celebrating chaos, lack of discipline or respect for rules in the parties by political prostitutes jumping from one bed to another, may come to regret it if Buhari is pushed to exercise his power under the constitution and declare A State Of Emergency. The same people criticizing him for lack of action in a democracy would be the one protesting his lack of patience for due process.

Let us be clear, Saraki and the Forty Thieves have abused due process. He has accumulated enough money to buy whoever tried to bring him to book; it could be the Police, the Judiciary or his rented crowd. One thing is clear: no country that has any sense of decency would have a man that has flouted the rules, regulations and laws so many times and would still be out free.

Nigeria used to be the big brother that most people of goodwill throughout the world had hoped would bail out Africa so that the burden at the world stage would be less. It has not come to be, unfortunately the same country that used to accommodate all Africans, is now struggling to find find its feet on the ground. You do not want to hear what the youths call their country and could not wait to flee.

Ironically, these are the same youths clapping and cheering their political prostitutes as they change from one party to another without any principle, ideology, discipline or rules. If the center cannot hold within a party, there is no way the country itself can be successfully managed. A country without rules, regulations or laws have no sins. What we have is a country of heavyweights that will eventually “sink the boat”.

Ah ah! This is what we are longing for so that every village can go its own way like the Sudanese, Rwandans, Somalis and the Libyans.

Farouk Martins Aresa
Farouk Martins Aresa, © 2018

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