SE Ghana Policy: Project To Empower Ghanaians And Improve Livelihood

By Kpogli Beyonce Diamond
General News SE Ghana Policy: Project To Empower Ghanaians And Improve Livelihood
AUG 7, 2018 LISTEN

The Head of Industrialization and Partnership at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Mr. Papa Kow Bartels said social enterprise (SE) have been part of the private sector development strategies.

He added that the Ministry of Trade and Industry is on course to ensure that the policy is instituted to drive SE delivery in the country to achieve SDGs.

"If the people have a good wellbeing, poverty will go down, prosperity will show up and we can have a set-of people who are willing and able to contribute to the development of mother Ghana."

Speaking at the National Corporate of Social Organisation (CSO) forum on social enterprise and impact investing, Mr. Bartels said, partnering with social enterprise (SE) Ghana has been fulfilling considering the impact and the achievements.

He further stated that government is committed to eradicate poverty through industrialization to attain the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Social Enterprise Ghana is a network of social entrepreneurs, where individuals with innovative and effective solutions to Society's most pressing social problems.

It's also organisation that bring together all the business players in the social enterprise sector to build a stronger social enterprise ecosystem and increase impact.

Mr. Kow noted that the ministry partnered with SE Ghana because there is the need for ensuring that, there are policies that can over rank social enterprise development.

Adding that, “it is critical because, in the past people go into communities to do something and then call it social responsibility.”

The chief executive officer of Social Enterprise Ghana, Madam Anna Lartey believes that, if Ghana would be transform to achieve the SDGs ,then the private sector must be develop not just to make money but must solving social problems.

"We have problems in our health care system of no ambulances, we can have a business which can create a national free of ambulances at a cost that people can afford, ordinary Ghanaian and believe, that service can solve that social problem,” she stated.

Madam Anna Lartey stated that “return money to investors so that we can mobilise not just philanthropic money but investors money, money that wants returns and some of that money does not mind getting a low return, if a social impact is given.”

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