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Opinion | Aug 7, 2018

The Standard (Weekly Newsmagazine) 09.09.2038, Accra/Ghana

During a Press conference past week our King Charles Heinz I gave the nation an overview about the achievements of his government and was very pleased with the progress the country and its neighbours had made during the past period of his reign when he was put on the throne of the new Kingdom of Ghana by the electorates in a Democratic election that made a White Man from outside the country the first representative of our great motherland that was not born on Ghana`s ground but chosen as a leader to bring positive progress based entirely on the personal and intellectual capacity of a man for the benefit of a people.

Elected King for life, King Charles Heinz I congratulated his Prime Minister, Mrs. Mawuena Trebarsh, a native Ghanaian and long-standing associate of the King, for her endless effort in fighting the destruction of the environment. Under her governance, open gutters were replaced by underground pipes to make the flow of human waste to recycling plants safe and preventing yearly flooding from killing people. Under her rulership sever punishment for any environmental offenders were implemented and effectively executed. The country looks better than ever. Cars rotten by the road side got cleared and the former owners either pay a hefty fine or serve a short term in prison.

On several roads tollbooth had made it possible that the network of well-maintained roads were able to be enlarged for commuters, the business community and tourists alike to reach safely and in comfort their destination.

Landlords can no longer asked for rent advance of several years but need to be licensed and supervised regularly for any offense against the new law implemented after which only three months’ rent security (refundable after leaving the rented property) can be asked for with monthly payment of the rent. This proved to be so effective that especially young people after school and training find it accessible to rent their own apartment immediately. The fears of the Landlords that this new policy would lead to less building of houses, proved not to be correct.

Ghana´s Prime Minister´s opening of the Chocolate City near Kasoa, is still a very popular tourist attraction for many from around the world. Teaching, hands on lecturers and entertainment in one project has proven to be a profitable cash cow for the investors and the country alike taking its good share of the incoming profit each year.

As the energy challenge based on increased population and production is a constant headache to our King Charles Heinz I, he welcomes the new project near Aflao at the Ghana-Togo border in the Volta Region producing wind energy from the wind that comes down from the mountains. He stressed out that the Turbine in the Gulf of Guinea producing energy on the sea bed is another good sign of a positive development of Ghana.

Prime Minister Mawuena Trebarsh was able to restructure the banking sector effectively, bringing down the interest rate for commercial and consumer loans to a minimum in accordance to international standards, while mortgage banks service the need for affordable money to the building sector. With a strict regime and clear orders she was able to reduce drastically the financial debts previous governments had caused the country and made it impossible to make decisions for the economy independently from foreign influence, now Ghana can make decisions again entirely based on its own interest.

Together with the other cocoa bean producing countries the common organization World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) with headquarters in Cape Coast has successfully increase the price of Cocoa on the world market and as 50% their member states production is only assigned for export, the other half needs to be produced to finished products in the cocoa beans producing countries, this has been well received by the consumers around the world and seen as the right signal and step forward to increase the income of the effected countries in the light that in a short while the natural resources rich Africa will be emptied and revenues from Manganese, Bauxite, Oil and Gas will no longer be reflecting in their state budgets.

The King stressed out is great pleasure that the Cabinet of Mrs. Mawuena Trebarsh comprises of experts from around the world out of which only a handful take a financial compensation from the public purse of Ghana, while the rest render their service free of charge in the light that a visible dramatic future must be changed into a story of humanity success and an example for mankind in order to teach other human values long forgotten in their society. The Ministers by their professionalism made it possible that Ghana, unlike its neighbours, for the past decade was able to see a constant influx of investors’ money as they have long-term trust in a constantly positive outlook of Ghana´s economy and economic progress.

King Charles Heinz I pointed specifically out, that the health caring industry for old folks from foreign countries had reached a new height benefitting the old and sick people from around the world, their relatives back home and their native countries.

Furthermore he was praising the Intellectuals in the country to be open for immense dialogues with Scholars from around the world to research into new ways forward for humanity. The numbers of visitors to the Ghana National Museum of National Shame in which exhibits of practices of corruption in the country are on display with groups of pupils and students passing through, has been tremendously well received by visitors.

The government was able to reduce the cases of corruption on all level of the governance process as in most sectors White people are in charge and have put measures into place to make it hard of impossible for Ghanaians to cheat on each other. This proved to be cost effective, making the process of governance transparent and easy accessibly for all inclusive. Representatives from other countries fly into Ghana to learn from their experiences and ask for our experts to assist them in their countries to end corruption in inefficiency in the public sector.

The King gave an outlook into the future as much is still to do in various sectors like the railway network to be widened, the bus system to reach comfortably more corners of the country, work constantly on food security, improving the health system to the extent that patients can get their much needed operation faster and service to them is what service really means while keeping the cost at a minimum. He is pleased that the Justice System is running effectively and serves the country not as master, but as servant.

Voices from outside had previously complained that all these comes in extreme cases that some will find themselves in prison for very long time, all their possession will be confiscated or even have to lose their lives. What is seen as violation of human right is among most Ghanaians accepted as a means to make the country more effective for the benefit of many. He ended his remarks by saying what might be good for one country at a given time, is not automatically suitable for another country. Open minded and equipped with the tools history has given into our hands to pick from, is, accordingly to his words, the better way forward to make a country great and strong.

Karl-Heinz Heerde
Karl-Heinz Heerde, © 2018

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