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Opinion | Aug 2, 2018

Child Murder And Blasphemy

A Jewish man praying
A Jewish man praying

The allegations of child murders can be found already in Hellenistic, pre-Christian times, for example, in the assertion that the Jews in the temple worshipped a donkey's head and sacrificed children.

Jewish people were the first to be accused of murdering children. Later, especially the numerous mostly Jewish, early Christians were accused in this way. In Rome, 3.0 million members of the Jewish Nazarenes were also accused of child murders and put to death.

From 1944, the rumor was spread hundred of times in all parts of the world that Jewish people were murdered, Christian children and took their blood for religious purposes during Easter Week.

As evidence, children with fatal injuries, children who had disappeared and children who died without violence were cited. The death of a child, Guster Werner, was used in 1287/88, as an initial spark for massacres in Wesel, Boppard, Kobern, Kirn/Nahe, Lahnstein, Braubach, Rhein, Munstermaifield, and Bonn.

In 1298, King Rintfleisch caused massacres in southern Germany and Austria, with 20,000 reportedly murdered Jewish people claimed assassinations of children. In 1336, child murder allegations were used for the "King's Arm Leather" persecutions.

Aaron Jud initiated massacres in Diedenhofen (Lorraine) in 1400 with accusations of child murder. Chinese texts from the 1520's accused the Portuguese of secretly buying children in order to eat them. Paul Christian Karcher raised accusations of child murder in Frankfurt in 1720 and 1882 Paulus Meyer renewed the accusations.

Between 1870 and 1914, several dozen charges of ritual murder were filed. The "Der Stirmer" tried to create a pogrom mood in 1934, with "Jewish Murder Plan" and in 1939, with "Ritual Murder." In 1946, Poland's secret service in Kielee initiated a massacre with accusations of child murder.

In 1957, allegations of ritual injury were spread from Iran, for example, in Dargaz, where the majority was Islamic. Ethiopian Christians accuse the Jewish people in Ethiopia of killing children of Christians

In 2007, the Israeli scientist, Ariel Toaff claimed in his study ".Blood Passover" that Jewish ritual murders had actually taken place. Toaff explained on the basis of a trial 1475, in connection with the murder of Simon of Trento, what was going on at the time, what was said without and with torture by the accused Jewish people.

Despite the explicit prohibition in the Torah to kill and eat blood, he stated that German Ashkenazi Jewish people under the influence of the German Ashkenazi Judaism, had, along with a number of Christians, bought or stolen Christian boys aged under seven, pricked them innumerable times with needles, and decapitated them to obtain blood that was then used to make medicines.

This reportedly had happened in 31 places in Southern Germany and Northern Italy. The medicines were intended to stop nosebleeds and bleeding after circumcision and were said to cure eye diseases. The blood was transported in iron containers lined with tin.

Once congealed, the blood was dried, pounded in a mortar and sieved to make a fine powder, that was subsequently stored in glass bottles and transported in red leather saddlebags that had a tin base and were waxed on the inside.

The Turkish TV series, "Kurtla vardisi Irak, 2006" and the Swedish newspaper "Aftonbladet," subtly hinted that Jewish people or Israeli authorities killed children to harvest organs. These allegations have been spread for thousands of years, serving to trigger outbreaks of blind hatred and murder-lust in the Non-Jewish population.

According to the Jewish Virtual Library, they also proved that "al the world can be wrong and we (Jewish people who dispute blood libel; a) right. They could serve as a spiritual defense against the influence on Jewish-evaluation of the consensus of hostile opinion.

The bogus allegation that the Jewish people systematically murdered Christian children made it easier for Jewish people to dismiss the accurate that almost all those who died of plague were Non-Jewish people as atrocious propaganda.

Culled from Wolff Geisler's "The Jubilee Murders."

Wolff Geisler, Dr.
Wolff Geisler, Dr., © 2018

Dr. Wolff Geisler was awarded his doctorate at the Faculty of Medicine in Germany, in 1976. He was the Director of the "German Committee for Angola, Guinea Bissau, and Mozambique." Geisler wrote 'Aids, Origin, Spread And Healing,' pertaining to medical crimes in Africa.

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