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29.09.2005 Diaspora News

Expo Africa Storms Atlanta Again

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Today in Atlanta, USA, Ghana and indeed the African continent will be striding for yet another higher grounds in her bid to secure a reputable place on the world market through exhibition.

At the prestigious Georgia World Congress Centre , a number of small, medium and large scale companies from around the African continent will be exhibiting their wares to show case the continenet's rich but untapped economic, investment as well as international trade potentials.

The four-day exhibition, for the first time in the third-year-running of the enviable event, other African countries are coming on board due to its importance and the benefits so far derieved by past exhibitors and Ghana as a whole. The slogan this time was broaden as EXPO AFRICA 2005 (and not GHANA EXPO) to give meaning to the broader and wider participation which includes other African countries.

It therefrore makes this year's event unique in terms of participation, objective and achievement. The exhibition will provide insight into the countinent's trade ranging from Agro-Processing, Food & Drink, Textiles & Garments, Minerals & Extraction, Construction, Travel & Tourism, Financial Services, Automotive Industry, Transportation, Energy & Power etc.

It would present Africa's competitive advantage on the global market in terms of establish the image of the continent as a reliable source of supply for a variety of raw materials, finished products and quality affordable labour; establish new and strengthen existing trading partnership; expose the existing trade and investment opportunities, growth potentials and the sound economic climate that exist in most parts of the continent.

The event will also seek to bring together the business community from both the US, Europe and other parts of the world to share economic ideas and possible partnership for potential investment programs in africa especially Ghana. EXPO AFRICA 2005 will include a global marketplace of hundreds of exhibitors from across Sub-Saharan Africa, two day of intensive workshops, panel discussions and plenary sessions, A star studded fashion show, An Evening of African Culture and a Taste Of Africa Food Exhibit with attendees having the opportunity to explore the unique and rich historical, cultural and traditional identity of Sub-Saharan Africa. EXPO AFRICA 2005 is a continuation of the Trade & Investment gateway that was opened by Expo-Africa Ltd with the organization of Ghana-Expo 2003 in London (UK) and Ghana-Expo 2004 in Atlanta.

The results and accomplishments of Ghana Expo 2003 were astounding. Successful partnerships were launched in myriad sectors of trade and investment, and many exciting business deals were consummated, and that was just the beginning. It Generated over 10 million dollars from trade & business exchanges in the European market, Ghana-Expo premiered in Atlanta, Georgia in September of 2004 and infused millions into the local economy, while establishing effective partnerships between governments, African businesses and the international business community. Certainly, the event this year has faced with a lot of challenges from many unassuming quarters, frantic efforts have been but in by the organisers to ensure a successful programme.

A programme with its first success story at the Alexandra Palace in London whipped up the zeal of American top officials, who urged the organisers to hold the next one (GHANA EXPO 2004) in Atlanta, US will continue after this year's.

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