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26.07.2018 Editorial

 Questionable Delayed Justice

By Daily Guide
Daniel Asiedu and the Late JB Danquah
LISTEN JUL 26, 2018
Daniel Asiedu and the Late JB Danquah

If some murder suspects are special and therefore entitled to privileges not meant for inmates in prison custody, then Daniel Asiedu aka Sexy Don Don is one. That is not to state that this is a norm. It is an anomaly which provides more impetus to rumours that the case is suffering a deliberate delay. Of course, that is a speculation but with the aforementioned observation, need we not get apprehensive and therefore seek answers?

It is close to three years since the late Hon J.B. Danquah-Adu was murdered in cold blood by persons suspected to include Sexy Don Don.

He recently got members of the public mad when he complained about his dislike for maize-based food almost asking for a special diet as though his freedom is not restricted at all. Even more annoying was when he said he was missing his wife; those who heard him could not help venting disgust at the young man who is suspected of killing another person turning round to demand some pleasures even when he is in custody. Of course even in the face of his confession of being the killer of JB, he nonetheless must go through the judicial process of ascertainment of whether or not he was responsible for the death of the deceased. This should, however, not suffer undue delay.

We are not in a position to tell when a committal would be made let alone establishing definitely the date for the commencement of the trial. Perhaps justice delayed is no longer justice denied; not in the case under review.

We recall the painful challenges encountered in getting the pathologist to present the autopsy report on the murdered MP. Now that he has eventually presented same to the court, we pray that the case be expedited.

The advice of the AG for now is said to be what is delaying the case. We can bet that even if this advice is submitted the 'go slow' syndrome would still feature.

While the courts cannot be blamed for the delay, we can fault the police who it certainly is the case, who as it were, are holding the court and the rest of the country at ransom.

A life has been lost through somebody's action, a family is aggrieved yet the aforementioned – a delayed justice, continues. This is worrying and makes it difficult or even impossible not to fall for the speculation that it is in the interest of somebody that the case is suffering this fate.

A delayed justice as being experienced and Sexy Don Don's ability to communicate with the world outside the prison walls, makes the subject even more mindboggling.

Information has it that he has at his disposal a couple of communication devices. With such unimpeded communication freedom against the backdrop of his track record, a speculation that he is still on top of his criminal activities cannot be dismissed as unfounded without interrogating same.

Here is to, therefore, demand that those whose acts of the commission have led to the delay in serving justice in this case, should wake up from their slumber so there is a closure to the case.

Dealing with a suspect with this unenviable pedigree demands that all the processes are undertaken with dispatch.

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