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24.07.2018 Feature Article

The Cure Of Cancer With Sodium Bicarbonate – Part Two

Despite advances in medicine, cancer claims more than millions of lives worldwide each year - and even so-called 'wonder drugs' only give patients.Despite advances in medicine, cancer claims more than millions of lives worldwide each year - and even so-called 'wonder drugs' only give patients.
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The point is that you're intensively working on it, of course. Anyone can be pH through which all of the cells may take up more oxygen in the cancer cells, burn and are destroyed by the generated supplemental oxygen. If the pH of the blood goes up you cure it. It's easy. A child can do the laundry and can be checked by a simple pH test.

How do you cure your cancer?
Do you know that your cancer can be cured in ten days time cancer? Ten days from the time your pH is between the correct values? You take your blood pH, and if it is not between 7.2 and 7.4 then you develop cancer. And as you see, just take two cups of sodium each day. , once in the morning and once in the evening, you can now bring your pH to at least 7.2.

Now make sure that your pH stays ten days between 7.2 and 7.4. After ten days let you check yourself again and you'll see that tumors completely disappeared. If not completely disappeared, leftovers or insecurities, just continue the treatment.

The published study that I have made on the research of Dr. Robert J. Gillis and his research team at Wayne State University School of Medicine. The pH in tumors is acidic by a fermenting metabolism and therefore have metastases, the chance to grow out. Thereafter, the acidifies environment surrounding the tumor, and the tumor grows.

Tumors occur in environments with a normal pH. In order to bring the functional importance to our findings was to prove no more than necessary.

There is the oral administration of sodium bicarbonate to adjust the pH upward by which tumors stopped growing and narrowed but also wherein the metastases disappeared. An encapsulated tumor is not a problem but if metastases occur in healthy tissue infiltrated with a low pH, also creates tumors in a different environment.

Through the use of sodium bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate dissolved in water) drink two to three times per day and metastases are cleared and the languished tumor metastases further prevent so that patients do not die. The disease can be reversed completely by a sugar deteriorated digestion hydrogen production and secretion in almost nihilistic sized cancers.

If we also count the bad cell metabolism resulting in behavior in a lower, so acidic pH value so characteristic of malignant tumors. The pH is in malignant tumors between pH 6.5 and pH 6.9 wherein the pH is between the values 7.2 and 7.4 in healthy tissue.

Sodium bicarbonate cures cancer. The rest are splits where the medicine in itself rotates because they heal this type of cancer and flay more than ten years. Thus, they maintain their thick fish sandwich and they do not give a jot for those cancer patients that die in growing numbers.

Every cancer patient is worth 300,000 euros from the time cancer is detected in a patient to be encased with the person! If sodium bicarbonate is used and you will be cured in ten days we get the cost.

One: A simple visit to the doctor.
Two: Two visits to the specialist before starting treatment.

Three: A visit after treatment for a final check
Four: Twice visits for a blood test.
Perhaps it is now clear to everyone why I do not respect for academics and politicians. They are also a reflection of a society which exists for more than 95% from continuing staggering zombies. If selfishness, money, prestige, and status are more important than the life of a fellow human being, there is something very wrong in our society.

Mr. Doctor may be aided by the law, pronounce a judgment of God on his patients which he is not playing God but God IS because he feels it so. The larger the EGO, how worse the power-hungry hidden behind his white coat?

And all by pharmaceutical and order of the doctors held with the political artificially maintained. I know I'm on a big heap academic molded shin kick, but what is an academic program if you do not even have to learn to discover the essence of your profession?

Lawyer and judge know that a law must first be fair.

The Civil Code is 99.9% filled with unjust laws that allow a company with the law in his hand to stoop to the level of an ordinary bandit to take that away from innocent people that want to talk business. The injustice of inheritance laws, I will not have it yet because it is the state's largest hand-stealing lead playing with the criminal law invented by them!

Economists have hitherto don't dare to explain to the public what fractional reserve banking is doing with the economy, which is causing inflation and collapse all the economies in the Western world. Politics is also in the pockets of the banks and therefore failing private banks should be helped with our tax money to get them out of the mess caused by them. Psychologists and psychiatrists?

Since I have no respect at all for them, they hide behind spouting all kinds of nonsense which they can't even prove any point. If one does then it is this artificially created on boguswetenschap (ineffective scientific) and deceitful practices and maintains the branch of "cure" it. Now back to curing cancer and the many opportunities that medical science reveals but hidden.

The United States FDA.
Since 1978, it is known and recognized that hydrazine sulfate can cure cancer. I will not expand on this because this agent is incompatible with the use of sedatives and psychiatric drugs.

But the opportunity that has been neglected kills annually an average of 4,000,000 patients and a total number of deaths recorded in 2013, runs around 175 million. Because the pharmaceutical industry, medicinal recognition organs, and systems of the doctors never embraced this means but rather depended on all kinds of unprovable written nonsense.

The US FDA is namely removed from the list of unproven cancer agents in 1978. Where laws are not good there are always shady deals. By law, we can speak in the hand of the medical device is guilty of genocide, the superlative for murder. At about the same time Rudolf Breuss was sued in Austria because he cured cancer for decades with a sapsamenstelling (Juice composition) and herbal teas.

Austrian Order of Physicians has lodged a complaint with the Civil Court because, according to them, will never be able to cure cancer with such a cheap therapy. After weeks of wrangling and recipe deepened, the order must throw a different approach and ask the right cure witnesses. Breuss and his lawyer to the court to give their word.

The lawyer offers himself directly as a witness because he was Rudolf Breuss cancer patient and his recipe cured him. Then they let in a hundred witnesses to give their testimony. The judge then demands that dignitaries come to take their testimony. That happened but the testimony of the then president of Austria, Rudolf Kirchschläger, was decisive.

Pharmaceuticals and order of physicians are on their own ground defeated by a simple electrician who has been trained as an herbal healer and already healed tens of thousands of cancer patients before being brought to justice.

Despite the government's efforts to destroy his reputation and recipe, he was followed by thousands of people every day and the number of his followers still increased. This is the only alternative cancer treatment which recipe to a court deposited as being an active cancer treatment that cures a sick patient in six weeks time.

The third effective cancer treatment that can be used by anyone for the healing the stomach is saline. Tug of war is going on for ten years, and yes or no game continue to be sustained by supporters and opponents. It might be unbelievable but the Italian physician Dr. Simoncini has effectively cured of cancer patients with gastric salt. Three years in prison by the order of physicians in Italy.

Together with the pharmaceutical industry, they were at the court, for the pharmaceutical insisted he used untested medicine which hasn't been approved for patients. After the verdict of the judge expelled Dr. Simoncini as a member of the Italian Order of physicians. When he came out of prison.

He now travels through Mexico and Brazil, where he treated hundreds of patients each week and effectively heals in specialized cancer clinics that may not exist in the Western medical world controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. These specialized clinics all alternative and excellent healing cancer therapies applied with very good results.

It's a sad situation that a western cancer patient needs to travel abroad in order to be healed in a third world country because here in Europe, functioning treatments are stopped by the big pharmaceutical capital, silly medical scientists, bribed judges and politicians who are not capable of thinking for themselves.

My favorite cancer therapies are Breusstherapie stomach and salt. Both require much of a patient and have a quick and excellent result. In addition to these two therapies, there are a dozen other therapies and of course the many diets that have always done their work.

Diets to cure cancer, ditto juices, have been used since the beginning of the eighteenth century. Nothing new under the sun. What we have to question is the training of Mr. Doctor and the power of those who earn fat wages from diseases, the sick, and enjoy from the misery of others.

People need to wake up to let those bad scientists, doctors, and politicians creating diseases because of profit to eat nothing else but dry bread.

Johan van Dongen
Johan van Dongen, © 2018

Johan Van Dongen is a man who cares about humanity. As a scientist, he believes the scientific world is on the wrong track when it comes to the secret of using human beings for experiments and for testing bio-weapons. Column: JohanvanDongen

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