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10 Reasons Why Telegram Is Better Than Whatsapp

10 Reasons Why Telegram Is Better Than Whatsapp

I saw a post on Quora:
What came to my mind instantly was:Absolutely!

And I mean it.
The two are only comparable in sending an receiving message, which is the core function of a Messaging App. But the world has grown. Our needs have increase. And telegram serves us far far better.

Below are the 10 STRONG reasons WHY I think Telegram beats Whatsapp hands down. Will love to hear how you argue for or against Whatsapp (or Telegram) at the comment section. Let's continue the conversation there

Reason Number (1): The Channels and Groups
You don’t need your friends to be on Telegram before u can use it. There are thousands of useful things to get you engaged. Whatever your interest is. I belong to a python group with over 11,000 members. They are there ready to help with any python question.

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Channel: You only subscribe, you can not chat there.

Group: You can chat and do other things
Whatsapp does not have Channel. It uses a broadcast feature but that can't be compared to Telegram Channel at all.

Another one I join is a medical group, over 11,000 medical students and professionals

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Any medical question,just ask. They will advice you accordingly.

I have several channels for books too. Below is just one of them. with over 60,000 subscribers

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The good thing is: You can submit any book you want to get and give them little time, they will get it for you.

It is from these channels I get books to populate my favorite virtual Library - Calibre Library

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If you're a sports fun, your not left out. I’m a Gunner!

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Every bit of information about Arsenal I get, you get links to watch ALL EPL matches, Spanish, etc. All for free. You just need data. Things that happen at training grounds, press meeting, board room, player transfer. You get everything/

Movies, Music, Comic, Inspiration,History,Latest songs from any country, etc all have channels and groups. And there are channels and groups for every academic field too. You just have to Google them out and join.


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Reason Number (2): Telegram Group Vrs Whatsapp Group

a) Chat History: You can see all chat history when you join telegram group. This is very important. In Whatsapp you can’t.

I have a telegram where I teach Digital Entrepreneurship. Anytime someone joins, the person will see all what we've done so far. I don’t have to go over anything again. And with simple trick, you can export all the chat as PDF and read at your convenience. The link is Internet Business

b) Group Administration:
Telegram has in-built features to manage groups. One person can manage 5000 groups without any challenge.

Check this out

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This person will not be able to send post with Links to the group. You can easily prevent the person from sending message too. You only have to switch off the *Send Messages*

You can restrict him

  • Forever
  • For 1 Day
  • For A Week
  • or Custom(any number of days you want)

For Large groups, telegram has Bots ( or robots, or AI’s) to assist you.

They can warn, restrict and banned group members automatically. They can welcome users too, and also good bye them when they leave the group. In my telegram group( for instance,

My Welcome Messages address the user (Using his username), what the group is about, and rules and regulations governing the group. So before a user posts anaything, he knows the DOs and DONTs

Check below

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Funny enough, Iceless said Thanks Sir

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Of course, he didn’t know he was welcomed by a Robot. Not human being! :)

c) Maximum Group Size: Whatsapp: 256, Telegram: 100,000

Yes! What supports up to 100,000 group members
d) Group Statistics:
i) Those that contributes most:

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ii) Active Days and Hours

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iii) Active Month

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iv) Chat Activity Distribution

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v) Run a poll. You can vote on issues or set question and give possible answers

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In fact, enough of group features. They are too many and will take whatsapp ages to catch up.

Reason Numer (3): Username
You can’t chat with someone without the person knowing your username. On telegram you can do it. You can create username and that will be used across all groups and channels. Your mobile number will be saved from fraudsters and scammers. Of course, you can decide to use your number too.

Reason Number (4): Secret Chat
If you want to chat someone and leave no traces, you can do that in secret chat. Both should first agree that the chat must be secret

You will set a Timer, all chat history (from both parties ) will be deleted when the time elapse

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Reason Number 5: Edit and Delete
Delete: Whatsapp stole Delete from telegram, but did it so poorly (Maybe for a reason)

On Whatsapp, there is a trace that something was deleted. On telegram, no trace

Edit:If you make a typo in Whatsapp, you will delete, make correction and repost

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If you make a typo in Telegram, you edit

Reason Number 6: Access on other platforms
One annoying thing about whatsapp is: Your phone MUST have internet access before you can use their Web and Desktop clients. Telegram is not like.

On several occasions, I’v lived without smartphone. I’m still able to use Telegram on my laptop and on office computer. You need smartphone for the registration, but once that is done, you can use telegram without it.

Whatsapp is not like that. You need to have a smartphone, and not only that: it must have internet access.

Reason Number 7: Integration: Open API
Telegram integrates with so many other systems because it has Open API.

What this means is: Imagine two people having pipe born water.

Person 1 says: You can tap to your house anything you want. You dont need any permission from me, and you want pay anything at the end of the month.

Person 2 says: To connect to my pipe born water,
Step 1: Come to my office to register
step 2: You will pay monthly subscription fee
Person 1 is Telegram, Person 2 is Whatsapp

Because of that difference, many apps have connect to telegram,

You can connect your Telegram account to Skye and have all your skype contacts in Telegram, Same as facebook. From telegram, you can twit to Twitter, You can publish to your website through telegram, you can upload files to Github or your servers through telegram, you can convert files from pdf to word and other file format through telegram…You can get News Feed from all the major News pappers in the world, BC, CNN, RT, FOX, etc

The list is endless
Reason 8: Instant View
This feature is difficult to explain, but you will love it.

When some sends you a link and you click on it. It takes less than a second to open. I mean it, less than a second. As soon as you click, it opens.

Whatsapp don't have that.
Reason 9: Cloud Storage
Telegram Stores your chat, our images, files, everything on their own computers.

Whatsapp stores them on your phone with the option to save them in Google drive or iCloud.

What this means is: You are in charge of making sure your chat history is saved and secured.

It’s not like that in Telegram because, in telegram everything is stored on their own computers(Servers).

You don't have think about chat history when formating your phone or when you loose your phone

You dont have to think about storage size (Google Drive is 15GB including things in your email, iCould is 5GB). Telegram don’t care how much things you put on their computers. They will save all for you..

All you must take not of is: The number you used to register that account.

When you get a new phone, just put in that number, register Telegram, and viola!! all is back automatically, You don't need any Memory card.

If your phone tells you ur on Low memory, just delete those videos and images u dont need currently. You can always get it when the need arises.

I started using Telegram from 2013. I still have all my chat history there. I’v changed several phones (Android,iOS). Nothing has happen to my chat history

Reason 10: File Size supported
The Maximum file size you can send to someone on Whatsapp is 100M. On telegram, it’s 1.5GB.

Reason 11 (Bonus): Imoji and Stickers
If you are the type that loves them, Telegram will blow your mind. There is enough to express every emotion. There are stickers for accountants, for farmers, for military men, for health professionals, Politicians, engineers. etc

Reason 12(Bonus): Telegram is faster and works well on low networks than Whatsapp . Just test both and see. Try their audio calls too.

Reason 13(Bonus): Draft
In telegram, anything you type is saved automatically for you. So you can type, stop half way, shut down your machine, open it the a month time, and u will still be where you are. Ready to continue.

You can also access that save message (Draft) on any other device you have install telegram. So you can start on your phone, and continue on your laptop

With all these, do you really need your friends to be on Telegram?

Whatsapp is just popular because it launched before Telegram. Naturally, people are not comfortable switching too. It’s hard as changing religion :) That is why Whatsapp has 1.5 billion users and Telegram has 200 million.

The only thing worth mentioning, that whatsapp can boast of is the Video Call which isn't in Telegram. A feature I’v never used in Whatsapp.

The is a big debate (Whatsapp vrs Telegram, Which one is secured). I didn't mention that here because too mugh goes in. I will give that a saperate post. But trust me, Telegram will win. Maybe, not hands down.

Dont forget:
Will love to hear your argument against or for Whatsapp at the comment section. Let's continue the conversation there

Needless to say:

I'm Kaunda,
CEO, Datatype Technology
I just love the Internet.
I also teach Digital Entrepreneurship in a telegram Group. Hope you now understand why I choose Telegram Group and not Whatsapp:

If interested
Install Telegram from Google Store of Apple Store or Windows Store

And click the link you can type it in your browser and hit Enter. Better still, send me the word DET via Telegram Chat, I will add you to the group. The content is not juts for those who want to be Digital Entrepreneurs, everything in there will help an existing company to have online presence. Remember: Half of the world is already online.

Hey! Don't forget to share if you think it's helpful. I will be very happy if you do :)

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