Youth of Nzema equipped with I.C.T. skills 

By Daniel Kaku
General News Ellenda Assembly Member, Hon. Emmanuel Nvojo in the middle of the graduands
JUL 18, 2018 LISTEN
Ellenda Assembly Member, Hon. Emmanuel Nvojo in the middle of the graduands

E-Royals Information Technology (IT) center has trained young men and women in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills to enhance their chances of getting employment in the entire Nzema area of the Western Region.

The trainees from the three Districts of Nzema, area, received certificates of completion for undergoing an-eight-month intensive training programme.

They were trained on how to repair mobile phones, design website, networking, hardware and also trained them with basic computer knowledge.

E-royal I.T center was established by the Assembly Member of Ellenda electoral area, Hon Emmanuel Nvojo in a collaboration with Pro-Link/Empower I.T to equip the teeming unemployed youth to get skills in ICT to fit into the job market..

Speaking at the graduation ceremony at Tikobo No. 1 in the Jomoro Municipality over the weekend, Mr. Nvojo said in 2016 he had a vision to train the youth in Nzema land in ICT and wrote a proposal to Pro-Link/Empower IT for support.

"I had a vision to help my youth to acquire skills in ICT to meet the world and I use my position as the Assembly Member and wrote a proposal to ProLink/Empower IT for support and by His Grace, my proposal was granted. ProLink/Empower provided free computers and accessories to me for the training", he revealed.

He, used the opportunity to thank ProLink/Empower IT for the immense support given to help the youth in Nzema to acquire ICT skills.

The Assembly Member disclosed to the gathering that his main agenda is to help the entire youth in the three Districts in Nzema.

"Today these graduands that are 40 and you see here are not from my electoral area but are from the three Nzema Districts, my main agenda is to help our youth in Nzema to get skills in ICT and I thank ProLink IT for supporting me, ProLink/Empower provided everything for the trainees, the trainees didn't pay anything for the training, they were trained freely", he said.

He also thanked ProLink/Empower IT for given him GHC15,000 to establish Mobile Money vendor to create employment for some youth in the area and also used some of the income to support the training.

He appealed to ProLink/Empower IT to continue to support the program to train more youth in the area to acquire skills in ICT.

He also appealed to other benevolent organizations to work closely with ProLink/Empower IT to train more youth in ICT in his area and across the country.

The Assembly Member used the occasion to charge the graduands to employ their knowledge to serve their respective communities.

He also tasked the graduands to identify and take advantage of the enormous opportunities in their various localities and beyond and also secure themselves sustainable good income through the application of knowledge and skills acquired.

He urged them to apply the knowledge they have acquired judiciously in order to impact lives positively and address the current challenges confronting the area and Ghana as a whole.

"I call on you to use the knowledge you have gained to support your localities and also train others at affordable cost since you also trained freely", he urged.

He also urged them not to involve themselves in cyber crime activities and use the knowledge acquired to support their societies positively.

He tasked government, philanthropists and other ICT focused organizations to invest in youth ICT in the country.

According to him, equipping the youth in ICT will help them to acquire employable skills which will also make them economically independent in the country.

The District Head Pastor for the Church of Pentecost at Tikobo No.1, Mr. Daniel Owusu expressed his profound gratitude to the Assembly Member for the support given to the youth in the area to acquire knowledge in ICT.

He used the occasion to advise the graduands to apply the knowledge to innovate new technological ideas to support the country.

He also advised them to seek God first in all their endeavours.

The facilitator of E-Royal IT center, Mr. Godfred Harrison Amoah told the graduands not to be happy with the certificates but work with it.

He charged other youth to involve themselves in ICT training and acquire knowledge."The world is moving to IT and if you don't have any knowledge in IT, you will be a stranger in it".

Source: Daniel Kaku

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