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11.07.2018 Press Release

Vote Mrs Marian Jemima Adzroe For Skills Development Of Volta NDC Young Ladies And Women

By Friends Of Mrs Marian Jemima Adzroe
Vote Mrs Marian Jemima Adzroe For Skills Development Of Volta NDC Young Ladies And Women
LISTEN JUL 11, 2018

I greet you all fellow comrades of the great NDC Party within the Volta Region and beyond.

As the days are getting numbered and our great NDC party will in the coming days, be opening nominations to enable those willing to pick form to enable them contest the various regional positions across the country, we believe this is the right time and the opportune moment for us to present a very hard working, visionary, eloquent, action-driven,creative and resourceful personality to all the constituency women's organizers and their deputies across the Volta Region to seriously consider for the the position of Deputy Women's Organizer in the upcoming Volta regional executives contest of the National Democratic Congress.

Mrs Marian Jemima Adzroe is the name, the CEO of ERIJEM Institute located in Ho and an educationists is the best and most suitable person for the regional Deputy Women's Organizer position in order for her to bring on board skills development for our young ladies and women in the various constituencies thereby giving them jobs to enable them earn a living.

Mrs Marian Jemima Adzroe, when given the nod will do everything possible to provide vocational training for the young ladies in the party whose parents don't have money to train them through the various constituency women organizers on scholarship basis.

This is because, she believes in women empowerment and the need for every woman to earn a living through genuine means.

Going round the various constituencies, she realized that, majority of young ladies in the party don't have skills and this she thinks is seriously affecting the women's wing of the party but then she is coming on board to change most of our young ladies destiny with the help of God.

We should all avert our minds to this important challenge that, most of our young ladies don't have skills training and these people are the future leaders in the party and hence the need for us all be concerned and support initiatives aimed at providing vocational training to them in catering, soap making,pastries, bead making, batik etc

A point worthy of note is that, Mrs Mirian Adzroe for the past 22 years trained a lot of young ladies in creative and innovative ventures with a lot of collaborations with MPs and MMDCEs

Every organization depends on welfare packages in order to motivate and empower its members and as such when given the nod as the deputy women's organizer she will work with the other crop of regional executives in order to strengthen women caucus of all the constituencies in the region through ventures of raising revenue in order to support members that are in need in the respective constituencies.

On this note, we want to congratulate the constituencies that already have the Women Caucus and the rest of the constituencies will also have same as soon as the nod is given.

She will do her possible best to bring a lot of young ladies on board for the task ahead of us in order to secure victory 2020.

This is because active participation of women will make NDC more stronger.

Participating in the activities of NDC can help women know their rights in order to improve themselves and their families.

Women must serve as the catalyst for changing this incompetent Nana Addo led government come 2020.

Women have greater awareness of public voice.
Training workshops for women on modes of 21st century politics will be a key towards recapturing power.

It means that, under her leadership together with the one who will be elected as the regional Women's Organizer, the women's wing of the party will be a forum for discussing women's challenges to participation.

Organizing grassroot activities to educate women about their political rights.

Inform women about the electoral process and their role in it.

Set up a recruitment plan to make it easy for women to join the great NDC party.

It is clear that, with the above activities and initiatives, all party women in the region will be responsible for growing the party, advancing the party's position and influence,

add to the branch and party's capacity. Campaign during campaign seasons.

Communicate openly and honestly.
To conclude, Mrs Marian Jemima Adzroe, we must put on record that, she believes in the economic independence of women. She communicates fluently in the following local languages namely; Ewe, Twi, Ga and Guan(Nkonya),inspire others,very nnovative and creative, intelligent and smart in getting work done.

A vote for her, is a vote for the empowerment of our party women across the region in skills training opportunities.

Let us give the opportunity to this good woman, to enable her bring a lot on board to help our young ladies.

We wish other aspirants for the same position the best of luck.

Friends Of Mrs Marian Jemima Adzroe.

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