22.09.2005 Gossips

Watch Out! Cashiers Milking Customers?

22.09.2005 LISTEN
By Accra Daily Mail

Reports reaching The Accra Daily Mail indicate that some cashiers in some banks in the country have advertently or inadvertently adopted a modus operandi to outwit customers who withdraw huge amounts of money.

Following several complaints, newsmen monitoring at most of the banks in the Accra metropolis has revealed that some cashiers at certain banks (names withheld) have allegedly resorted to taking some unspecified amounts of money from every huge sum of money withdrawn by customers.

Some of the customers who pleaded anonymity told the Accra Daily Mail that the cashiers have taken under advantage of the customers' resolve to go home or reach their destinations before counting their moneys, so that armed robbers do not get the chance to trail them.

Newsmen can authoritatively reveal that the latest victim of this alleged quiet but steadily increasing money pilfering at the banks is a wife (name withheld) of one of the leading ministers of state. She was shocked to realize that over a hundred and fifty thousand cedis had been taken from her wads of millions of cedis she had withdrawn from a bank in the capital city.

During the investigations, and inquiries from customers at some banks in Accra, newsmen chanced on a lady in her middle twenties who had experienced this alleged new trend of duping bank customers. She told newsmen that she want to a rural bank in Kasoa to cash an amount of one million cedis to settle her mother's medical bills. She alleged that she was so much in hurry to take the money to the hospital and that she did not have time to check the money she had withdrawn.

“When I rushed out of the bank and got to the hospital, I realized that the cashier had deliberately or unintentionally shared the money '50 50' with me,” she revealed. She said with the assistance of some elders and some staff of the bank, she was able to retrieve her balance of ¢500,000. Most people newsmen spoke to confirmed the situation.

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