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06.07.2018 Feature Article

Let Christ Fix Your Life

Let Christ Fix Your Life
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A South American company purchased a fine printing press from a firm in the United States. After it had been shipped and completely assembled, the workmen could not get it to operate properly. The most knowledgeable personnel tried to adjust it, but to no avail. The company finally sent a wire to the manufacturer asking for a representative to come and fix it. Sensing the urgency of the request, the U.S. firm sent the designer of the press. When he arrived on the scene, the company officials were skeptical because he was young. After discussing the situation, they sent this cable to the manufacturer; “Your man is too young. Send a more experienced person.” The reply came back, “He made the machine. Let him fix it.” Humankind is in a similar situation. Every area of life seems to be in chaos. People don’t know how to “put it all together.” Binding habits, enslaving sins, and nagging guilt leave them confused. Man-made solutions offer little hope. If this describes your situation, there is an answer. Jesus will forgive you. He will cleanse you and give you peace. If you turn your life to Him, He will make your life complete. Let the Creator take control of your life.

Kennedy Adarkwa
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